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Happy Thanksgiving and Road ID Offer

We are traveling most of Thanksgiving but I hope  you have (or will have) a good holiday!  What did you eat?

Traveling would not have been my first choice on how to spend Thanksgiving Day, but it was the best we could do.  I can’t wait to spend Friday catching up with our NC friends.

And in honor of Black Friday, Road ID is offering my friends and readers a special deal.  I am a fan of Road ID, especially as I have taken more and more to the trails.  Road ID, depending on the model, provides up to 6 lines of text information in case you should be unable to speak for yourself.  Contact numbers, allergies, etc.  You can choose from wrist, shoe or ankle models.  And even provide yourself an inspirational message.  It is a must for anyone that runs trails, during off-hours, in rural areas, any runner at all.

For the first 20 takers, Road ID is offer $1 off any Road ID order.  The offer is good for the next 30 days.

Coupon Number: ThanksNicole19221429

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you to the great people at Road ID!

Monday: What happens in Vegas….

Well, nothing much ever really happens to us in Vegas that needs to stay there.  We drank.  We gambled (and lost).  We ate.  We sat by the pool.  We saw my cousin Laura and her boyfriend, Jason.

We stayed here:Image

We ate here:

I played this:

And when we got back, we headed to the baseball game.  Then we picked up the dogs and Solo looked like this:

And that is about it.  Back on track Monday with running and eating.

Wednesday: Uninspiring

There is just not that much to say about Wednesday.  I ran and it was uninspiring.  I wanted to call it short but I kept going and did the whole run.  Saw 4 bunnies (saw 7 when I was on my bike Monday).

Run: 6miles / 1:09:12

The meals were even less inspiring.  Coffee and a protein bar.  Carrots.  An apple.

Turkey burger with guac and veggie sticks.  A nectarine.

Dinner was 1/2 of a Chicken Avocado Cobb salad with no cheese and ranch dressing.  It was GOOD.   And the perfect size.  When I got home from Girls Night Out (also uninspiring to be honest), I had some snack mix.  The company for dinner and RRS was good.

Thurs is our wedding anniversary.  15 years.  I can’t believe it has been that long.  We are heading to Vegas for the weekend. It will be our first time driving by ourselves.  Very exciting.  And I just love to sleep in a car.   I will try to check in at some point!  I am looking forward to sleeping and sitting by the pool.

See, I told you it was uninspiring.

(Lack of) Focus

I was reading through lists of fitness blogs and healthy living blogs when it occurred to me that this blog is really all over the place.  It started just over a year ago as a way to find some direction and deal with what I was calling a career crisis.  But it lacks focus.  Just like my career.  Go figure.

The idea was originally to chronicle what is was like to live a full life without kids.  But that seems to turn into complaining about kids.  Or parents.  And I just don’t want to complain that much.  Not out loud anyway.  I have lots of time in my life to workout, go to baseball and hockey games or even just read. But I know people with kids that make time for all of those things as well.

Is it a running or fitness blog?  I certainly do talk about my runs.  Mostly how bad they are.  And I am training and working out  just about ll the time.  But I wouldn’t say I focus on that.

Is it a travel blog?  We love to travel and I enjoy sharing where we have been.  But I don’t know that we travel enough to make this just about travel.  And we do tend to revisit the same places over and over.

Is is a food blog?  Good god no.  Or my pictures, when I remember to include them, would be better.  I love to bake and have no trouble sharing the recipes.  But I am about the worst and most boring eater in the world (no low fat baking here).  I LOVE me some chicken wings and ranch dressing.  And I can’t seem to say no to an animal cracker.  And I eat 5 lbs of carrots a week.  I must having an eating disorder (insert sarcasm).

There are two things I do every day (well, more than two but those pictures are not going on the blog).  Workout (of some sort) and eat.  Except Sloth Sunday.   Which used to be Mimosa Sunday.   Anyway, that will be the focus.  I need to find the focus in my real life to push my workouts and clean up my eating.  So there you go.  If we are traveling WHILE I am eating and running, that will find its way here as well.

And we are kidless.  On purpose. And happy.  And we remember most days that we get to do a lot of fun stuff because we don’t need a babysitter or to pay for daycare.  Get over it.

Tomorrow, I begin again.

Transformation Tuesday

Travel Tuesday is becoming Transformation Tuesday.  We have taken this big step transform our lives.  I run and workout to transform myself.  And I would like to transform my diet.  So there it is.

Moving to a completely new state means learning new “wildlife.”  I was out in the yard last night, just puttering around.  The sun had just gone down.  And I started getting buzzed by bats!  So I called Michael out in the yard to check it out.  And my whole day was made by hearing Michael scream like a little girl when he thought a bat had brushed his leg. It was the dog.  But so worth it!

The neighbor that came over Sunday night had told us that we would see/hear coyotes over on the golf course.  And sure enough, first thing this morning, I could hear them over there yipping and howling.  Of course, I wanted to see them.  But by the time I got up to the golf course on my walk, they were gone.

I walked 2 miles this morning.  My IT Band, which had been doing so well, did not react kindly to my 6 mile run. So I will rest it again and then ease back into long runs slower.

And how do I get this guy in my yard?