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Weekend Recap

imageI spent the weekend doing fun stuff.

Friday night we went out to dinner with friends.  And then Saturday I managed a hot, nasty run.  Then went to the Carolina Raptor Center and had wine night!  You can read it on Saturday Long Run

Sunday was definitely Sloth Sunday.  I watched tennis, cycling, HGTV, etc.  I sold the treadmill!  And had True Blood night with Barney.

How about this beautiful girl!

Sloth Sunday

imageTHIS is what I went to see yesterday.  And thank you to Barney for going with me.

Last night there were friends, wine, baked ziti, brownies and fun.

Today there will be watching Tour de France, Wimbledon, folding laundry, running errands, and other various things around the house.

Yesterday’s run SUCKED.  I got it done. Slowly.  It was HOT.  And HUMID.  I was a dumbass and waited until about 9:30 before heading out.  So really it is my own fault.

I have a feeling I will be eating brownies all day.

Long Run Saturday

Carolina Raptor Center - Huntersville, NCI started a new training plan this week, just to have something to follow.  And the long run is only 4 miles this week.  But since I did (walked) 6 on Thurs, I think I will do 3 today and see how that feels before going longer.

Then I am going to head down to the Carolina Raptor Center. I have never been, always wanted to go and only have two weeks left to get it done.

What else do I want to do before I leave?

Oh, and later is Ladies Wine Night!