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Movie Review Monday: The Descendants

The Descendants (2011) - IMDbI totally forgot that I had “rented” this on iTunes when we were in Arizona in March.  And the rental period is 30 days.  So it literally expired the day we went on vacation.  PREFECT!  I will watch it on the plane.

From IMDB:   With his wife Elizabeth on life support after a boating accident, Hawaiian land baron Matt King takes his daughters on a trip from Oahu to Kauai to confront the young real estate broker, who was having an affair with Elizabeth before her misfortune. Written by realndn06

I had heard about this movie and, of course, there was the Oscar buzz.  And I absolutely liked it. It was another example of a great performance from George Clooney that he made look easy.  Which is probably a small part of why he didn’t win.  It was similar to his performance in Up In The Air.  His daughters, portrayed by Shailene Woodley and Amara Miller, were amazing.

I enjoyed how the script tied together his personal tragedy, his impending land deal, his daughters, his cousins and the boyfriend.  Definitely worth a watch.

My rating:  3.5 Gummies

Week(end) Recap…..

First, let me apologize for the unofficial absence.  You may remember that I was heading out on vacation last week and while I did intend to blog while I was gone, it just didn’t happen.  So in case there was anyone  missing the snarky, not-alltogether-interesting ramblings you find here, I am sorry.

It was a much needed break.  From blogging.  From running.  From working out.  Etc.

To catch up…..Last Saturday, we flew to St Lucia to meet friends and enjoy a much deserved week in a tropical paradise.  My best girlfriend and her husband had arrived before us and we were anxious to get there and join the fun.  Note to self: MORE overlap next time!!!!

We were not quite prepared for the drive from the airport to the resort.  It takes a little over an hour.  And lets just say it was harrowing in its best moments.  But an INCREDIBLY gorgeous country.   The resort is BEAUTIFUL.  And there were cats everywhere.  Awesome for me.  I LOVE cats.

I will try to sum up  the week in words and then in pictures.







Yup, that is about it!  I will review the resort on Tuesday.

Today I start a  20-week training program for some undetermined fall race.  AND I am going to try and start getting up earlier to get my runs done.  So hopefully, I will be almost done running when this posts!

Where was your last vacation?  Any recommendations?

More later!

PS:  I had some joke all lined up about Michaels head and a Peton (look it up), but it just wasn’t fair to someone who doesn’t even read the blog.



Long Run Saturday

My long runs today will consist of running down the moving walkway in the airport.

Fav Moving Walkway

And then running for the bar when we get to the resort.  Enjoy!

Sandals Halcyon View

Daily Mood Alert and Food/Fitness: Fri, April 20

I just saw my first one of these for this year!  Hurry, put up the feeders!!!

Mood is good.  Why wouldn’t it be?  We are like 16 hours from leaving on vacation!

Food:  Smoothie for breakfast.  Soup and chips for lunch.  Carrots.  A handful of snack mix.   And going out for dinner so we don’t mess up the kitchen.

Fitness:  Worked out with Bryan this morning.  He killed my abs and triceps in prep for the beach!  Thanks…

Food Friday: Traveling

Random note: my coffee tastes funny.

I am not going to be making something extravagant today.  Nothing that comes to mind (crack brownies) could survive in my bag, through the airport, being kicked under the seat, etc.  So I will talk about traveling with food.

I ALWAYS travel with food.  Even if it is just down the street, there is a trail mix bar in my bag somewhere.  But for a trip involving a plane, it goes to a different level.

Airlines have gotten stingy with food.  And nowadays you are lucky for some water and a peanut.  So when Michael says he doesn’t want anything, and then I pull out my bag of goodies, whose hand do you think is first in the bag?  His.

Staples:  trail mix bars, trek mix, animal crackers, nuts, skittles, an apple.

Tomorrows flight and long van ride upon arriving has me thinking that I need to add something more substantial to the bag.  Like lunch.  What can I pack for lunch that will get through security (sorry, no soup) and arrive in relatively one piece?  Lucky for me, there is a Jamba Juice in our departure airport and I will most definitely be grabbing a smoothie before we leave!

Definitely something with peanut butter…