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Long Run Saturday

This NEVER happens, but long run Saturday turned into long run Friday.  So I guess Food Friday gets moved to today.  I went to the gym yesterday to do 4 miles on the treadmill with maybe some sprints thrown in.  And the first mile or two felt so good that I abandoned the idea of sprints and decided to do my long run instead.  9 miles!

I was even more pleased about getting it done for two reasons.  This morning, it is raining.  And someone in this house has to go car shopping and for some insane reason, wants me to go with him.   So I doubt a long run would have happened today anyway.  AND we have another hockey game to go to tonight.

Hockey.  The Hurricanes were officially eliminated from the playoffs last night.  They needed the Penguins to win (they did) and to win themselves (lost in OT).  So that is that.  It was a miracle we were even still in contention with 4 games left.

Food Friday will be coming at some point this weekend.  I have had the recipe all picked out.  Just need to find the time to make it.

Regarding: Cruel and Unusual

I should not buy plants.  it is a DEATH SENTENCE.  They start out looking like this:

And they end up looking like this:

It seems unfair. To the plants.  There are 2 exceptions to this rule.  Bulbs.  I can do this with bulbs:

And roses.  For some reason I plant roses, ignore them and they do great!  I have the best of intentions.  But it never ends well for the plants.

Daily Mood Alert and Food/Fitness: Thurs, March 29

This stuff is going to kill me.

Mood is so-so.  I feel like I haven’t gotten anything done today.  Every time I try to finish something, something of Michael’s is in my way. So then I have to wait for him.  UGH!  The dog is about to start his afternoon fit and Michael is working late.  So that will leave me to deal with it.

Food:  Breakfast was coffee and then a Danactive drink.  Lunch was a turkey burger with chips and guacamole.  Then I had carrots and TOO much of the Trek Mix.  And an orange.  Now I am thinking about dinner.  It will probably be a repeat of yesterday’s lunch, with a sweet potato thrown in. And a nectarine and an apple.

Fitness: I walked the dogs this morning but that has been about it.  My 36 hour DOMS is kicking in from yesterdays double workout.

Regarding: Matchups

In this corner, weighing in at 5lbs, 2 ounces, BUNNY!  And in the other corner, weighing in at 6 lb, 6 ounces, MEOW MEOW (the neighbors cat).
Rabbit / Lapin

This was the matchup on our front lawn last night.  The best we could was distract MEOW MEOW with treats so that BUNNY could make its escape. We wish him (her) all the best.

And it tennis last night, it was another matchup.  Gwen and I played Jennifer and Janice.  It was a lot of fun and Gwen and I pulled out the win. It should have been quicker and easier than it was.  And why do I sing when I play tennis.  It is usually the Commodores (don’t ask).  But last night it was I’m Sexy And I Know It.  I workout.

Soreness from all yesterdays “fitness” is setting in.  I think I will go to the gym in a bit and try to work some of it out, stretch.  Maybe sit in the sauna.   What is on your agenda for today?

Daily Mood Alert and Food/Fitness: Wed, Mar 28 - Mommy drinks because you bark.How have I never seen THIS one before??  Perfect.

Mood:  Annoyed over some car issues.  But a small improvement over the weekend.

Food:  Breakfast was coffee and protein bar.  Then I had a smoothie after the gym.  Lunch was chicken, tzatziki and broccoli.  I had some carrots.  And a nectarine.  And some TJ Sweet and Salty Trek Mix.  Not sure about dinner yet.

Fitness:  The general consensus is that I don’t eat enough.  Especially on days like today.  But trying to keep it healthy AND get enough in is a lot of eating.  I had time with Bryan this morning.  And I asked him for “homework”.  So hopefully that is coming.  And tonight is tennis.  I think I am playing doubles.


And this is what it looks like when someone is whining and wants to get in my lap.