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Travel Tuesday: Shortcuts

I was very excited yesterday to find a shortcut to Walmart.  I know, I know.  But right now it is the little things.  Learning my way around a new city.

I have been driving in Phoenix for years.  During our many trips here. But living here and finding new ways to places from ‘home” is different.

This is a great product that I bought for Michael from Amazon (click on picture to go to the product page).  I might have to steal it since he has been using the GPS on his phone to find his way around.

We may go to a movie later.  Savages? Or the new Batman?

I ran 3 miles this morning.  Felt ok, now that my sinuses are clearing up.

Weekend Recap: Boring

Natalie Dee comic: SSW_youre right you win you love jogging more than everyone now stop before you drop dead * Text: I will try to come up with something better later.  This weekend was spent in piles of boxes and paper. And a Diamondbacks game.  And the Olympics.  NO SPOILERS please.   And fighting a sinus thing.

Fun times.

I did finally find the dishes and pots/pans.  So we were able to have a normal dinner last night.

And what is with all the rain in Phoenix?

Regarding: Again

MW goodbye moving weekNow that we have sold our house, packed up all our shit, moved 2 dogs and 3 cats (and 6 fish….yup, still alive) across the country, rented a house, had our stuff delivered, are making progress on unpacking, and Michael has found a job, it is time to start thinking about buying a house and doing it all over again.

Kidding.  At least for a few months.  I would like more than beer and takeout in my fridge before I start thinking about doing it all over again. And we still have some serious purging to do.  Time to streamline (even more) and lighten things up!

And our course, some sort of sinusitis flair up decides to hit me last night.  And man it came up fast.  The CVS is 2 miles away.  I was so excited to move to a place where I could walk to the store. Do I want to walk 4 miles round trip to get medicine?  Would it make me feel better or worse?  I haven’t decided yet.

Long Run Saturday (or ANY run on ANY day) is on hold until things settle down around here.  I am still moving and walking and running (some) but I can’t stress myself out about it.  Maybe once I find my dishes, and my cookware, I will get back on plan.

Regarding: Deliveries

Yesterday, my house went from looking like this:


to this:

imageAnyone want to come unpack?

In addition to all of of stuff arriving (and being crammed into this house), we got another delivery.  Of good news.  Michael found out he got a job in Scottsdale!  He starts on Aug 13.

Weekend Recap: Awards

Where to begin?  Last week was a whirlwind of packers, boxes, movers, trucks, unhappy cats, anxious dogs, and living out of a duffel bag.

Tuesday, they came to pack the house.  Wednesday, they came to load it on a truck.  By Thursday, we were on the road.

Two cars, two dogs, three cats, and six fish made it 2,170 miles across seven states in 3 days!  We made it to Arizona!!!  And everyone is still alive.  Even the fish.  I was AMAZED at how well everyone, including me, did in the cars and hotels.

I have some awards to give.

To Tennessee:  The state that spent the most time with us.  And is the best protected.  We saw two state troopers every 5 miles or so for over 400 miles.

To Arkansas:  Where I saw the most dead number of these (8)

And not a single Walmart.

To Oklahoma:  Where we saw the most dust devils (4) and came in a close second in the dead armadillo category with 3.  And it also wins the most nothing category.  And two Walmart’s.

To Texas:  Where Michael just had to go here during our stay in Amarillo
Big Texan
And no, he did not try the 72 ounce challenge.  The food was so-so at best. Texas was also where we saw the first of these

 Texas wind farm

I just thought it was too cool.

To New Mexico: The prettiest state I think I have ever seen.  We actually arrived in New Mexico about 10 minutes before leaving Amarillo.  So, you see?  Time travel is possible.  There were more wind farms in New Mexico.

And finally to Arizona:  Where we saw more dust devils, got hit with a monsoon and made record time due to high speed limits and two time zone changes.  Our new city of Phoenix

View of Phoenix from South Mountain