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Transformation Tuesday

Travel Tuesday is becoming Transformation Tuesday.  We have taken this big step transform our lives.  I run and workout to transform myself.  And I would like to transform my diet.  So there it is.

Moving to a completely new state means learning new “wildlife.”  I was out in the yard last night, just puttering around.  The sun had just gone down.  And I started getting buzzed by bats!  So I called Michael out in the yard to check it out.  And my whole day was made by hearing Michael scream like a little girl when he thought a bat had brushed his leg. It was the dog.  But so worth it!

The neighbor that came over Sunday night had told us that we would see/hear coyotes over on the golf course.  And sure enough, first thing this morning, I could hear them over there yipping and howling.  Of course, I wanted to see them.  But by the time I got up to the golf course on my walk, they were gone.

I walked 2 miles this morning.  My IT Band, which had been doing so well, did not react kindly to my 6 mile run. So I will rest it again and then ease back into long runs slower.

And how do I get this guy in my yard?