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Regarding: Seasons

As I have mentioned before, I seem to be in quite the decorating mode this fall.  I just had this urge to make things look nice.  Nicer.  We don’t live in a museum.  We live in our house and our house looks lived in.  Especially considering we share it with two large dogs and 3 cats.  So keeping things looking nice is typically a challenge.   And I can only go so far with this before the cats turn everything into something they will throw up later.

But I will try anyway.  Now, I finished the coffee table a couple of weeks ago and we have done a GREAT job of keeping the table free of crap.  My theory (to be tested) is that if it looks like, we won’t pile crap on it.  Optimistic of me probably, but worth a try.

The Living Room and Dining Room are mostly done.  Although I am still not happy with the top of the media cabinets.  Next is the kitchen table.  I will be hitting up Home Goods tomorrow for some sort of tablecloth and centerpiece type thing.  We NEVER use our kitchen table (or the dining room table for that matter) so keeping it clear will be a big test.

Now that I think about it, should I decorate the tray tables scattered around the living room, where we actually eat? Probably not.

I have decided to split this decorating frenzy into 3 seasons: autumn, winter and spring/summer and will store them accordingly.  I will sort through what I already have as each season arrives and purge anything that is not worth keeping.  Each season, I will try to repurpose things, like using the candle holders but changing out the candles, etc.

Wow.  This makes me feel like an adult.  This and the fact that I have a spice cabinet.

Weekend Recap

We started out our weekend with HOCKEY Friday night.  And our Hurricanes kicked Blackhawk ass with a 3-0 shutout win.  Of course, they brought us right back to reality Sat night with a 5-1 routing by the Flyers.  But there is hope for our team.

Sat was my 14 Miler.  My LONGEST RUN EVER.   Well, on purpose anyway.  And I rewarded myself by going out for wings. Who says you shouldn’t use food as a motivation or reward?  Then we watched Resident Evil: Extinction.  I am actually enjoying these movies.  They are pretty good.

Sunday was the usual Sloth Sunday.  Two cups of coffee, looking through the Sunday ads and watching Say Yes to the Dress.  And as a nice surprise (even nicer than the coffee roll), Michael baked an apple cake!  VERY good. Then we made a trip to Sam’s for Halloween candy.

I will have to remember to take pictures of our Halloween Tradition so I can show you.  It is a bit different than what some people do.

Sloth Sunday and Presents

It is officially Sloth Sunday and I am SO happy that I was able to get the 14 miles done yesterday and take it easy today.  Although, it seems that I am still on my decorating/nesting/whatever kick cause all I want to do is decorate the kitchen table and island.  I am going to do more on the decorating progress this week so I won’t do it here.

While I was out running yesterday, my sweet DH brought me a gift, that I managed to save for this morning.  A Coffee Roll from Dunks!  So I will be diving into that here in a few minutes.  After the outing last night for wings, it may be the only thing I can eat all day!

Michael is out right now running his 9 miles, so I will have to wait and see how he feels after before I know the plan for the rest of the day.  I would be perfectly happy to stay in and putz around the house.

Have a great Sunday!

Regarding: 14 MILES!!!!

My longest actual run EVER!  Slow, but according to McMillan Running it should have been slow.  I did the first 7, took a potty break at the trailer (and yes, I did pause the Garmin) had some Sport Beans and did the next 7.

And the second 7 was FASTER than the first 7.  Was it the potty break?  The Sport Beans?  Both?  You decide.  I can say that I managed to eat the beans AND run at same time without choking myself.  See, I can do more than one thing at a time.  Run and Chew.

Full product reviews on the G2 and Sport Beans coming soon.

Now I am going to spend all of my extra calories ( and then some probably) on wings and beer. This is EXACTLY why I run, in case you ever wondered.

Oh, hockey was AWESOME last night.  My Hurricanes KICKED BLACKHAWK ASS 3-0.  Nice shutout for Cam.

Regarding: Clear

27235 Weather Forecast and Conditions
So the rain has cleared out and soon it will be time to hit the trail (or pavement, I haven’t decided yet).  I am looking forward to the 14 miles being over so I can officially do nothing until Monday morning.  But I am not looking forward the run itself.Maybe once I get out there.

Good luck to everyone else that may be running or racing today!