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Regarding: Sadness - North Carolina- Where not only can we not fix stupid, we add it to our Constitution.I don’t often get too political on this blog.  But I live in NC.  And yesterday was our primary.  I am a registered “unaffiliated” but I still get to vote in the primary.  Especially when there are Amendments up for vote. Like Amendment 1.

Amendment 1 sent me running to the early voting location.  It is an Amendment to the State Constitution defining marriage as between one man and one woman. I voted AGAINST.

And it passed.  I have never been more ashamed to live in NC than today.  This amendment will impact more than just same-sex couples.  It reaches far beyond the intended audience.  It makes discrimination, hate and bigotry part of our State values.  It is reminiscent of when inter-racial marriage was also banned.  Until the 1970’s.

We haven’t come that far after all.  People should really focus more on their own marriages than worrying about the marriages of those around them.

Regarding: Bingo

I stumbled across a blog post yesterday regarding the choice to be Childfree.  And the more I thought about it, the more I knew I had to share it with others.  You can read the full post here.  It is a lengthy, and very articulate, list of items related to remaining Childfree by choice as well as some additional color on parents, children and relationships.  Well worth a read, even if you don’t agree with much of it, or any of it.

But it was something in the comments that really got me thinking.  Someone felt the need to suggest that this particular woman seemed to be advocating discriminating against children.  WHAT?

I believe I understood what the blogger was trying to say.  CHOOSING to have  children, either by a willing act OR by failing to take steps to prevent a pregnancy, does not grant you special status or rights as a “parent.”  It is a very un-unique experience actually.  And making the choice shouldn’t somehow put you in a special class of people.

I don’t believe she was advocating any sort of discrimination against children.  But was instead making the point that having a child or being a parent does not make you unique or allow you certain privileges.  It doesn’t automatically make you more tired, more broke, more organized, more caring or more anything than anyone that doesn’t have kids.  It doesn’t somehow elevate you above all others.

Then I found this and just had to laugh

Breeder Bingo

Daily Mood Alert and Food/Fitness: Fri, Feb 3 - I support the right of all women's organizations to abort their terrible decisionsI couldn’t resist.  I just couldn’t.  The backpedaling is unbelievable.

Mood:  Is good!  I am looking forward to a great weekend and it starts with dinner tonight!  Solo is crabby.  And Crabby Solo always wants to sit in the same chair with me.  Great.  Me, and a dirty, 70lb coonhound.  At least he is quiet.

Food:  Breakfast was a bagel thin and peanut butter.  Then I had egg beaters, turkey sausage and an english muffin for lunch.  I had some carrots and an apple.  Dinner is out with a friend tonight for Mexican!

Fitness:  This is hysterical.  I was ADD runner today and need to borrow Michael’s “easily distracted” shirt.  I went out for 12 and finished 7.1.  There was running.  Walking.  Some form of dance-walking.  And then there were Dogs.  Bullfrogs.  The most enormous hawk I have ever seen.  I was LAUGHING at myself.  All over the place.  And the trail I was on was closed halfway around.  So I had to turn and go back.  All the signs pointed towards STOPPING.  So I did.  I can do the 12 next weekend.

Regarding: Messed Up - Thank you for cutting off funding to cancer screening programs in order to prove that you are pro-life.A lot of things seem messed up these days. Including this.  If you are not enraged by the decision then I would suggest that maybe you don’t fully understand what is happening.  Keep reading and keep asking questions.  The decision and the story being presented DON’T make sense.  Read between the lines.  It is not all that subtle.

I am messing things up today as well!  Long Run Saturday is moving to Friday.  Which will also push Food Friday to at least this afternoon, if not tomorrow.

Something is telling me that if I don’t get the long run in today, it won’t get done this weekend.  So I will trust that feeling and head out soon.  And then I have to sort through my pile of printed recipes from various websites and see what sounds good for this weekend.

Regarding: Gifts

Push Gift Jewelry, Push Present Ideas & More Gifts for New Moms | GemvaraThe premise of this blog (is there one?) based on the title at least, is living a life childfree.  So these next few paragraphs could be offensive to those reading who do have children.  Or maybe not.

Push presents: I DO NOT, for the life of me, understand Push presents?  Isn’t the baby the gift?  Why do you need an extra present?  Henry Tudor gave his wives Push Presents (see history here).  Life and marriage (and jewels) if it was a boy.  An all-expense paid trip to the Tower of London (and beheading) if it was a girl.

If a baby and being a mother is SO rewarding, why do some expect a present for doing it?  If I want something, I buy it.  Don’t need the 18 yrs of no sleep, throwup and money troubles to go with it.  Seems more efficient that way.

And while I am at it (offending mothers), I feel the same way about mother’s day.  Every mother gets their own birthday.  Why a special day to be recognized for doing something you choose to do and is, by itself, so rewarding?  I am just asking.

Remember, cupid only gets one shot.  Although what he has to do with push presents, I have NO idea!