Monthly Archives: August 2012

Toast and Sweat

This is what is left of my dinner last night.  The most AMAZING french toast.  Pecan Cinnamon French Toast.  It wasn’t as sweet as a pie, but sweeter than regular french toast.  It was SO good and the perfect way to carb load for my long run today.

Just finished 6 miles in 1:12:01.  Right where good old Greg McMillan says I should be on my long runs.  Okie dokie Greg. That french toast must have really done the trick.

And now I sit here, sweating on my office chair and burping up my vitamins.  I think I take 10, but that includes my allergy meds.  Even if they only make a difference because I THINK they do, that is good enough for me.

How many vitamins do you take a day?  What is your favorite way to carb load?

One of those people…

I seriously have nothing going on today.  I went to run and the legs said that just wasn’t happening.  So I walked.  I will try to do my 6 tomorrow and then 3 on Saturday.

The toilet decided it wanted to start running last night.  And a dual flush toilet is new to us. So I guess I will try to figure that out today.  I don’t want to be one of “those people,” those renters who call in for every, little, tiny thing.  And I don’t want to deal with them sending someone out really.

I have banana’s that need to be baked.  Send me your best ideas or it is going to be boring, old banana bread.

I did have a HUGE victory yesterday and got my car in the garage!

Oops and an Experiment

Last night, as I was cooking dinner, Michael called to say he would be a little bit late.  As soon as he got home something made me check our baseball tickets. I thought they were for tonight.  They were for last night.  And the game was about to start.  So I packed up dinner (I took mine with me) and we headed to the ballpark to be with my parents.  Team lost.

Today is an experiment.  I received my bike lock in the mail yesterday.  I want to see how far it is to the new gym (that hasn’t opened yet).  And there just happens to be a Startbucks nearby.  So I thought I would head to the Starbucks and reward myself with a Frappuchino.

Later is work, Sprouts and maybe Ulta.

Food Friday….On Tues

I had received some wonderful peaches in my Bountiful Basket a few weeks ago and that made me want to make Peach Coffee Cake from the Brown Eyed Baker.  By the time I got around to making it, those peaches were gone and I had to get more.  But they were still wonderful.

It was fairly easy to do.  First you blanch the skin off the peaches and slice them (the messiest, yummiest part).  Then whip up the coffee cake batter. Spread half the batter, then a layer of peaches and cinnamon sugar, more batter, the rest of the peaches and the sugar.

It took about an hour to cook due to a slight change in pan size.

But man, was it worth it.  I don’t usually like warm peaches, but this coffee cake was truly excellent.



Weekend Recap

I just put my 4 miles in for today.  I wasn’t expecting to do 4 miles, but the plan said 4. So I did 4.

This weekend seemed low key.  Friday night was yummy spaghetti dinner, too much Say Yes to the Dress and Bill Maher.

Long Run Saturday was an early 5 miles.  Then I took Michael to experience Sprouts.  And we went to the baseball game.

Sloth Sunday really was that.  We went to PetsMart.  Michael cooked a bbq recipe from DDD and I made guacamole from scratch!  I took some over to my BIL and we took my sister for FroYo.

I think I may make this a short week (and extra long weekend) by taking Friday off.  And I still owe you Food Friday from last week!  The picture is a preview.