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Regarding: Visits - I'm worried your complete ignorance of college basketball gives you a decided advantage in the office poolAfter day 1, this seems to be me.  I am leading the family pool with 13-16.

I slept in a bit and now I am feeling like I am running late.  I am taking the dogs to tour a new boarding facility today.  We “won” a 3-night visit at a silent auction and want to see the place before we drop them off.

I wanted to get the carpets cleaned today but with the kennel visit, that may get pushed to tomorrow.

Later today there will be an edition of Food Friday.  And then it is food and wine night!  But I still don’t know what we are having for dinner.

I am not getting nearly enough done while Michael is away.  I need to get moving.


I have been trying to think about how to introduce this new blog, and myself, to the people who read blogs.  How can I be clever, witty, funny and tell you how this blog will be different than all of the others?  I will introduce myself and my tell you my story in a later post.  Here is the intro:

This blog will be for, and about, those of us that have made a choice to not have children.  For a variety of reasons, none of which really matter.  And how we are living full and rewarding lives.  Just about any and every topic is fair game including: marriage/relationships, sex, family (in-laws), politics, travel, food, pets, money, and anything else that comes to mind or annoys me on an almost daily basis.

What it won’t be is a place for people to convince me I am wrong in my choice or tell me how much I am missing as a result (or as I woman, I HATE that one especially).  There will be guest bloggers as well, some that have made the same choice and others that have made a different choice and yet still manage to understand this perspective.  I thank them in advance for dedicating some time to this.

So jump in and see where this might go.  I can’t promise it will always be profound or live-altering.  But it should be fun, or amusing.   Just my thoughts on choosing to stay childless in a world where everyone is having kids or talking about having kids.