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Happy New Year, Weekend Recap and What the Hell? - Let's usher in the new year by scaring off a mythological, noise-sensitive, child-eating beast who lives under the seaHappy Chinese New Year.  It is the year of the Water Dragon.  Kind of cool.

This weekend was actually pretty quiet.  It starts here.  We went to hockey on Fri night (SHUT-OUT win against the Capitals).  Saturday we went to the gym and then to a movie.  And home to watch….yup, even more hockey.  It continues here.

Sunday we hit the grocery store and then settled in for some football.  A good friend came over and there was hot dip, ziti and brownies.

Now, what the hell is the matter with me?  Today was going to be a new start.  To get up when the alarm went off.  Get ready for a run and be efficient about getting it done and cleaned up and then to work.  Nope, didn’t happen.

The alarm went off and I do remember it.  I turned it off and said Michael will head to the shower in a few and then I will get up. Well, the next thing I new it was after 8.  Which meant that Michael showered, walked the dogs and was already at work.  What the hell?

Any tips for how to get back into a routine and get my ass out of bed?

Regarding: Survival

It is Saturday, September 3rd and I have officially entered survival mode. How to survive the college football season?

Tonight, I am able to pull up US Open tennis on the laptop (since Tennis Channel is NOT showing the match I want to see) and can sit in the same room while Michael watches LSU v Oregon. But college football will now consume Thursdays, Saturdays and, later in the season, Fridays. I have been trying to steer Michael to hockey, but he keeps changing the subject back to college football.

Can I make this more clear…I DON’T CARE ABOUT COLLEGE FOOTBALL!

34 Days to Hockey!!!!!