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Friday: Miles and Chips

WAHOO!  It wasn’t pretty.  Or all that easy. But the 10-miler is in the books.  I left out nice and early. It felt COLD.  And I decided to go on a strange route.  Ran some new (to me) streets and parts of the canal.  And then turned around and made my way back.  I tried to eat some Sports Beans at one point but they were old and stale.  And had Propel Zero in my water bottle.  Eating something BEFORE I went might have been a wise idea, but I didn’t.  And when I got back, I had some fruit punch and a smoothie.  No coffee led to a headache later in the day.

Run: 10 miles / 2:03

Meals were a smoothie, a turkey burger with guacamole (homemade) and chips, a plum, a peach, some coffee (finally) and then we had wings, sweet potato fries and ranch dressing for dinner.  And then I made a pizookie.  Half choc chip and half pb with choc chips.  But by then, it was too late and too sweet.

I am not ashamed to say how much I enjoy Pinterest.  One of my greatest new recipes came from Pinterest a few weeks ago.  And now I am in the middle of a Pinterest inspired project.  It is a Paint Chip Calendar, like the one top left.  Only my colors are going to be subtle.  Actually, I have gone crazy with the paint chips and have just about every color imaginable.  But these colors in the top right really appeal to me.  Now I just need to find the picture frame.  You make a dry erase calendar by using a glass picture frame.  All glass is a dry erase surface!  Michael’s gave me a 40% off coupon so I think I can score one there tomorrow.

Long Run Saturday: 8 Miles

I am back to my long training runs on Saturdays.  Eight miles today and I am heading out early to make it to a 4yr olds birthday party.  I haven’t actually registered for my half marathon yet, but it will either be the 2nd week of Nov or the 1st week of Dec.

One of the joys of Long Run Saturday is thinking about what I get to eat later.  Today, I am thinking PIZOOKIE!  Thank to Janae.

I was scrambling around a bit to remember what I used to bring with me and how I used to get ready.  The necessary list of items starts off with (everything else is just “extra”):

  • Garmin
  • iPod
  • Sunglasses
  • Waterbottle / Gatorade


This is where I run.  There is a system of bike trails and a paved, multi-use greenway .It was an INCREDIBLY slow 8 miles.  No argument about that.  But I ran EVERY FREAKING STEP!  No walking, no stopping.  And that is a huge confidence boost for me.