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Wednesday: Halloween and Results

It was an early and cold morning on Wed.  And just as I was about to get dressed and head out the door, Michael asked if he could use my Garmin.  Hell Yes!  Twist my arm to wait just a little bit longer and hope that the temp comes up a degree or two.  He wasn’t gone that long and I finally got out there.  With my arm warmers!  They were like heaven.    Everything felt tight and sore.  Right ass check.  Left shin.  Left Quad.  Nothing a foam roller can’t handle.

Run: 6 miles/ 66:50 or close to that.  Right on target for the 10k on Sunday.

Wednesday was a busy work day.  After so much downtime, no one believes me when I said I worked hard on Wed.  I did go out for lunch and ran some errands with my sister, including finding some better trails to run on.  But this morning, and for most of the afternoon, I did actually have work to do.  It felt nice.

Food today was good.  Had a cinnamon scone for breakfast.  Tomato basil soup and half of a BLT for lunch. With two little gingerbread muffins.  A peach.  A piece of fried chicken and chicken noodles for dinner.  And then some snack mix, made with PB M&M’s this time!

Michael manned the door (really, the porch) for the trick or treaters.  We didn’t know what to expect, being new here and in a gated community.  But Michael said he had over 60 kids (he counts) in under 30 minutes and ran out of candy.  Good.  Keeps the dogs from going insane all night.

And here are some more pics of my organizing frenzy with my dresser.  Don’t ask me what it looks like in a week.  But for right now, it looks good.

Anyone else watching Survivor? Probst is really calling people out during challenges. And I wish he would out Jeff Kent already.

Thursday: All good things…

Rainbow CupcakesMust come to an end.  It was bound to happen.  This mornings run was not full of rainbows and cupcakes like the other two have been this week.  Was it the cupcakes?  Probably not.  But I ran the 4.  Pace was good.  But it just didn’t feel as easy.  But hey, it got done.  And getting it done when it feels hard should mean more than getting it done when it feels easy.

Run: 4miles / 46:40

Hey look, its a rainbow OF cupcakes!  LOL!

Breakfast was coffee and a protein bar.  I need to whip up some oats for tomorrow.  PB and Choc Chips as a Friday treat!

There was then a nectarine and some carrots.

Lunch was egg beaters with salsa and an english muffin.  It was GOOD!  After that was a peach and more carrots.

Dinner was a turkey burger, some leftover salad and corn on the cob.  I saved just enough room in my day for a couple of unfrosted cupcakes!

I have been letting the scale get to me lately.  My weight and BMI are healthy.  And I know I am eating healthy food.  I am eating healthier right now that I have in a long time.   The only thing that nags at me is that I might be a tick faster if I were a little bit lighter. Even 5lbs lighter.  And when you run as slow as I do, every second off of a pace means a lot.  But I will keep trying to eat healthy and let the scale take care of itself.

Did anyone watch Survivor last night?  Without spoiling it, I thought it was a bit dull.  And that the wrong person went home.  Probster needs to get back on his game.  Hopefully things will pick up when they start with the reward challenges.

Weekend Recap

Friday was my BIRTHDAY and we went out for Brazilian food.  I made myself a Chocolate Peanut Butter Torte.

Long Run Saturday included a 4 mile “easy” run, my last singles tennis match (I won, ending the season at 4-2) and then dinner out with friends.

Sloth Sunday was also known as Mother’s Day.  My MIL wanted a picnic in the park with KFC (no, I am not kidding).  I was actually told that there was some “non-greasy chicken” in the bucket for me.  That was a LIE.  Even the roasted chicken was spewing grease like an oil field.  I didn’t eat.

Then we watched Survivor and the Coyotes.

The surprise waiting for me on the morning of my birthday.  LOVE IT!!!!

Regarding: Multimedia Updates

IMDb - The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (2011)I can’t even put this in a movie review.  But last night we watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 and I can’t tell you enough how INCREDIBLY, HORRIBLY bad this movie is.  They all are actually.  But Michael and I have had a deal.  We will watch them but we won’t pay any money for them.  So we wait until he brings it home from the library.  The one saving grace on this one is that it is short.  It was over before Survivor came on.

So then we watched Survivor.  Anyone else think Kim is now is control?

And then I started reading Divergent.  VERY good so far.  I didn’t want to put it down.  I just finished Run to Overcome, Meb Keflezighi’s book.  No great, life-altering revelations for me as a runner from reading his book.  But it was cool to read about his training and the start of the running group in Mammoth Lakes.

Any other book recommendations out there?  I am falling behind this year.

Daily Mood Alert and Food/Fitness: Thurs, Feb 16

It has started.  The race is 9 days away and the anxiety is setting in.  What if I don’t meet any of my goals?  What if things don’t go well?  So I have been looking for ways to change the voices in my head.  Things I can use and say to myself to keep going.

I have put the work in.  The training has gone well. Certainly not my first time (10th) tackling the half marathon distance.  But still the doubt creeps in.  So this one sums it all up.  (I would give the proper credit, but I got it from Pinterest)

Mood:  Other than the above, mood is good.  It is a rainy day but I got a few things done.  Errands, laundry, dishes, movie, etc.

Food:  Breakfast was coffee and and english muffin.  Then I had a GIANT salad for lunch.  And an orange.  The dogs were bored so we went to Starbucks for a Light Frappuchino.  An apple.  Some animal cracker snack mix (that I promptly moved back into the kitchen).  There will be some chicken in a General Tso’s sauce from Trader Joe’s.  A nectarine. Carrots.

Fitness:  Did 3 fast miles on the ellipticals and then some upper body weights WHILE on a Bosu ball.  My balance has really come a long way.

Did anyone else FORGET that Survivor came back on last night?  Luckily we caught it halfway through and added it to the DVR list to be recorded.  We still need to finish The Voice, Top Chef and RHOOC.