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Sloth Sunday

teaserIMG_2548_.jpgIs kicking off with some TENNIS!  Not sure who to root for in this one actually.  I like them both.

Then there will be baseball, a trip to Costco, etc.  Maybe some daiquiris I made yesterday!

It is totally NOT my picture and you can find all of her awesome recipes here.  Including the overnight oats that I am trying to like (its a texture thing).

Gotta go.  Tennis is getting ready to start.

Regarding: The Murph

CrossFit Winston Salem – - -CWJ wanted to go back to Crossfit yesterday.  And since we are trying to get the most out of our unlimited month, I said what the hell.  Michael and I went to a movie first (MIB3, more later) and I made a lunch out of popcorn and Milk Duds.

Yesterday, for Memorial Day, the Crossfit people decided to do The Murph workout.  Even the trainers said they were about to lose it on the last mile.  In the spirit of full disclosure, they told us to do the mile, then half, then the last mile.

So that was 50 pullups, 100 pushups and 150 squats.  We came in at 46;12.  I made it through the pullups, then 50 real pushups and 50 on my knees, and then the 150 squats.  You actually split it up however you want, but the recommend doing 5-10-15 and then however many rounds.  For me, that was 10 rounds.  I got through 5 rounds and then just wanted to bang out the last of the pullups.  So really, however you can get through it.

Today is a rest day.  Time for more French Open tennis!

How was your weekend?  We avoided the pool (too many kids) but had a nice weekend with friends.

Sloth Sunday…..and Mother’s Day - For all the love you've given me, I will one day pay your nursing home billHappy Mother’s Day.

Well, it is not exactly the first thing because of the second thing.

But we are heading to Costco for our normal Sunday errands.

And then we head out to the in-laws and then to a park.  With the Colonel.

KFCNo, I am not kidding.

KFC in the park was the activity of choice this Mother’s Day. I am happy to participate if that is what she wants to do, but I will be SICK if eat that.  UH.  It never fails.  Pick any genre of food and they will want the most disgusting version of it imaginable.

I will eat before we go and bring some carrots and fruit.

For an alternative view on this holiday (this is a CHILDFREE blog), please read this article from CNN, I am nobody’s mother and never will be.   I found it INCREDIBLE.  Thank you to Eileen for sending it to me.

On another note, I ran 4 miles yesterday (easy) and then played singles tennis.  it was AWESOME.  Both felt good and I won the match.  I end the season at 4-2.

Regarding: Delivery


Look what was on the front porch when we got home last night!  It was after 10pm when we got home.  Who just leaves it on the porch?  And who delivered it that late since we didn’t leave the house till almost 6?

Anyway, I have wanted one of these for a LONG time!  And when our vacuum started dieing AND there was a sale, it was a sign that it was time.

I am not going to use it until later.  But I can’t wait.  How sad is that.

Tennis was hot and humid last night and that made me feel pretty nauseous.  But I didn’t quit.  Lost in 3.  Boo.

Daily Mood Alert and Food/Fitness: Wed, May 2 - Let's make up for Cinco de Mayo being on a Saturday by starting our celebration on Wednesday.Which is why we are going out for Mexican food tonight after tennis.

Mood:  BORED.  Can I say that again?  BORED

Food: Boring day of coffee, smoothie, leftover pork chop and corn, strawberries, carrots, pudding.  I will have an english muffin before tennis.  A few gummy bears during tennis.  And then Mexican food later.

Fitness:  I got through 4 SLOW miles at the gym this morning. And playing singles tonight.