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Monday: Da G’s

IMG_0308George and Gracie are back!  I just love winter decorating.  And snowmen.  And the red/silver color combination.

My right leg/quad still felt wonky Monday so I opted for a bike ride.  And by the time the craptastic afternoon had ended, there was more wine and less gym in my plans.  All will be right with the world again on Tuesday.

Bike: 8 miles / 45 minutes

IMG_0307I went out on a limb a little with breakfast.  It was coffee, an english muffin and a soft boiled egg!  Lunch was a chicken sausage and sweet potato.  Dinner was a yummy pork roast with mashed potatoes and corn.  There was wine.  An apple in there somewhere.  And a lindt chocolate ball.

I finally went back and watched the last season of Heroes.  Anyone remember that show?  It was HORRIBLE, the last season.  I am not sure why I quit on the show back then, but I can say seriously I should have skipped it now.  I have moved on to Season 3 of 24.  I know, I get it. I am only 9 years late (season 3 was in 2003). Oh, Jack.  You can kick the heroin.  I know you can.  And I wasn’t really expecting Nina to be back. And could Kim have a season where she doesn’t get into trouble?  Please?

Regarding: Daydream Believer

A moment of silence for Davy Jones.  Just for you, Davy.

HOLY sore.  I hate those gliders.

Last night was a night of Survivor and Top Chef.  How about a reality-tv filled day.  Somehow I got through Biggest Loser, RHOOC, Teen Mom, Top Chef, and Survivor.  I still have a real RHOOC to finish and 2 episodes of the Voice.

What is on the list today?  Get ready for the excitement!  Washing the sheets.  Maybe some work in the front yard.  Spray painting the front porch bistro set.   Some more spring decorating.

Sloth Sunday and Hosed

27235 Weather Forecast and ConditionsWell, looks like my last long run might be permanently cancelled.  They have really changed their tune on this weather event.  Yesterday it was just a flurry with no accumulation.  Look at it now!  Winter Weather Advisory and 2-4 inches. And since it now goes into tomorrow, I am not sure if the long run will happen.

Today will start with the usual coffee, vitamins, etc.  And because of the weather, I may make a trip to Costco for chicken.  What does Costco chicken have to do with the weather?  SOUP!  I always want soup or some sort of stew when the weather gets wintery.

What else is going on today?  DISGUSTING Chinese buffet.  Because I know they don’t read this (or even know this blog exists) I can say out loud (well, type really) that my in-laws pick the most vile, disgusting places to go out to eat and “celebrate”.  UGH!  If it were my birthday, I would demand something better.  If it is cheap and all-you-can-eat, they are first in line.  I was excused from this last year but this year, I was told I have to attend.  Just shoot me now.

If I can make it through the buffet without going to jail for assault (or just being rude), I hope to meet up with a friend to do some shopping for my spring decorating items.  She had wisely advised me to keep the winter stuff out until the weekend.  But we can still look!   I got some great ideas from the websites of Pottery Barn and Pier 1.

Think of me today. I need all of the good vibes I can get.

Website Review: Replacements, Ltd

Replacements, Ltd.Replacements, Ltd started as a man’s hobby.  As he traveled the world, he would hunt down replacement pieces of china patterns for his friends.  Eventually, he decided to turn his hobby into a worldwide business.

While I am lucky enough to live about 20 minutes away from their call center, showroom, warehouse and museum, you can take advantage of their services online.

Whether you are looking for a missing piece of your china, crystal or silver pattern or searching for a new pattern all together, Replacements can help.  I went there on Saturday to find a winter or holiday pattern.  I just wanted a few plates to spice up my dining room table.  When the ones I had seen online didn’t thrill me, the woman there was able to recommend others that I hadn’t see before.  And I ended up with George and Gracie!

If you are in the Triad (NC) area it is worth a visit.  Or browse the website and search around.

PS: Replacements has also been featured on Animal Planet and the Travel Channel for being one of the most PET FRIENDLY places to visit and work.  Employees can bring their (well-trained) dogs to work and visitors are welcome to bring their (leashed) dogs in as well!

Sloth Sunday


Here is the winter table, featuring George and Gracie (the plates). I think it is about done!

Today really is Sloth Sunday.  I am making dinner for a friend later and there is a hockey game, not to mention the Survivor finale, but really there is nothing else pressing.  I may make some treats for later.  Which would require a trip to either Target or the grocery store.

Oh, and picking up my allergy meds from CVS.

Have a great Sunday!!!