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2012 Goals in Review

I set several goals for myself in 2012.  I even wrote them down.  One of them was to keep a journal, which is where I wrote the goals. But that is where the journaling stopped.  But here they are, along with the progress I made.

1.  Run Outside More – Less Treadmill.  Well, I have to say that I hit this one out of the park.  Once we moved to Phoenix, the treadmill had to be an option when the temps were in the triple digits.  But overall, I ran just shy of 700 miles (NOT the results I wanted, but better than 2011) and only 128.7 of them were inside.

Image 10-9-12 at 8.13 PM2.  Increase Mileage.  Overall, yes.  I ran more in 2012 than I did in 2011.  But I had hoped for better mileage.  I did discover that I do WELL with running twice a day.  And would much rather do two short runs than one long one.  Go figure.  And I increased my “short” runs from 3 miles to 4 and 5 miles.

3.  PR 5K.  HELL TO THE YES!!!!  I knocked quite a bit of time off my 5K PR and broke my 30:00 goal.  I ran a 28:27 and am VERY VERY happy with that.  This AWFUL picture is what it looks like to PR a 5K.

IMG_02324.  PR Half. I made one attempt at this in February and failed.  Miserably.  But I had a great time with my sister that day.  Later in the year I decided that I didn’t want to race the 13.1 distance and I am still VERY ok with that!  I DID PR my 10K time by over 4 minutes, I think.

5.  Spend Less.  I have to think I did better with this or we wouldn’t have had the money to hire people to pack and move us.  Or the money to move in general.  So I am saying this was a success.

IMG_03486.  Stop Stockpiling Food.  I thought I was doing better with this.  Especially with the big move. But I cleaned out the cabinets last week and the results were poor.  It will be on my list of goals for 2013 as well.  I just can’t resist a sale at the grocery store!


IMAG0254(1)7. Spend Time with Dogs.  I don’t think this is exactly what I meant. I work from home. I am with the dogs all day, every day.  But rather I meant walk them and play with them more.  Walking, yes there definitely has been more of that.  Playing, not really.  I seem to get injured when I play with the dogs.  So walking will have to do.

Overall, not bad.  I will be setting (or resetting) goals for 2013.  Did you set goals for 2012 and how did you do?

Thursday: Progress and No Progress - It will be a great day for fans and players alike when the lockout ends and Gary Bettman is no longer the NHL Commissioner! ReplaceBettman.comThe blah’s continued into Thursday, with some help from a bad dream about the dog.  I had to get up and find her to get the dream to stop.  The dog is fine.

I gave myself Thursday off.  From exercise.  From worrying about what I eat.  From everything.  And I do feel a bit recharged and less blah.

And hey, guess what?  There is still no CBA in Hockey.  The league rejected yet another player proposal.  I think all of the players should go play in Finland.  Or Russia.  I would watch.  And don’t come back until there is a new Commissioner.

IMG_0312I did make two perfectly (to me) poached eggs today for lunch.  Aren’t they pretty?  Breakfast was half of a muffin.  There was an apple, an orange.  And then randomness of taquito’s, chips and salsa and an egg roll for dinner.  And a small glass of wine. know I am only in Season 3 of 24, but I want a new President.  Palmer is just not doing it for me anymore.  Take Sherri and David with you on your way out.

Thursday: Chef’s and Signs - Care to buy some 'No Soliciting' signs?My feet and toe really were feeling better Thursday morning.  So I headed out for a run.  I had planned to do 4-6-4-6 to get my 2o miles in for the week.  After about 1.5 miles, things started to fall apart.  The toe was hurting.  The other foot started developing a blister right in the arch.  I made in through the four miles but it was UGLY.  Ugly miles are better than no miles.  And there is always tomorrow.

Run: 4 miles / 51-something.  Yes, there was walking.

Thursday Food:

Breakfast: Coffee and half a Costco Pumpkin muffin

Lunch: Chef Boyardee Ravioli’s.  I know, stellar choice.

Snacks: Carrots, snack mix

Dinner;  Chicken and stuffing back with cream of chicken soup, steamfresh veggies

Here is something I can’t figure out.  We live in a gated community.  Not that big of a deal to us.  It just happened to be where the rental house was.  But twice Thursday, people knocked on the door trying to sell me something.  Isn’t one of the perks of a gated community that there are supposed to be no solicitations?  And no, I am not buying a new alarm system to put in a house I don’t own.  And especially after he said that our dogs were the best alarm system.  Duh.

This is all the protection I need.

Anyone else watching the new Top Chef?  I liked the way they picked the chef’s going to Seattle.

Wednesday: Halloween and Results

It was an early and cold morning on Wed.  And just as I was about to get dressed and head out the door, Michael asked if he could use my Garmin.  Hell Yes!  Twist my arm to wait just a little bit longer and hope that the temp comes up a degree or two.  He wasn’t gone that long and I finally got out there.  With my arm warmers!  They were like heaven.    Everything felt tight and sore.  Right ass check.  Left shin.  Left Quad.  Nothing a foam roller can’t handle.

Run: 6 miles/ 66:50 or close to that.  Right on target for the 10k on Sunday.

Wednesday was a busy work day.  After so much downtime, no one believes me when I said I worked hard on Wed.  I did go out for lunch and ran some errands with my sister, including finding some better trails to run on.  But this morning, and for most of the afternoon, I did actually have work to do.  It felt nice.

Food today was good.  Had a cinnamon scone for breakfast.  Tomato basil soup and half of a BLT for lunch. With two little gingerbread muffins.  A peach.  A piece of fried chicken and chicken noodles for dinner.  And then some snack mix, made with PB M&M’s this time!

Michael manned the door (really, the porch) for the trick or treaters.  We didn’t know what to expect, being new here and in a gated community.  But Michael said he had over 60 kids (he counts) in under 30 minutes and ran out of candy.  Good.  Keeps the dogs from going insane all night.

And here are some more pics of my organizing frenzy with my dresser.  Don’t ask me what it looks like in a week.  But for right now, it looks good.

Anyone else watching Survivor? Probst is really calling people out during challenges. And I wish he would out Jeff Kent already.

Sloth Sunday: NO Do-Do

Sunday is typically a rest day.  But I still had 4 miles to get in somewhere this weekend.  I walked 2 yesterday and then we took the dogs on a hike for another 1.5 miles.  I won’t count this towards my overall mileage, but I felt better getting most of it done. This trail (Kiwanis) is nothing like the other (Mormon) trail.  Less elevation gain and easier for the pups.

I managed to clean most of the house by 9am.  Then we made our pilgrimage to Costco.  It was meat day.  What the heck happened to the price of flank steak?  It seems to have doubled.   I couldn’t resist the Do-Do Bird dog toys.

Solo took exception to his Do-Do bird.  I am NO Do-Do.  Annabelle knew how to put her Do-Do in its place.

Meals were odd for a Sunday.  A protein bar to gear up for Costco. Then waffles with PB.  A peach.  An apple.  And then a pork chop and a baked potato for dinner.