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Saturday: More of the same - RUNNING: Normal Days: God I hate this why am I doing this!!! Get Injured: JUST KIDDING PLEASE LET ME RUN!!!The week in review:

Monday: No running

Tuesday: No runnung

Wednesday: No running

Thursday: 1 mile of running and then incredibly bad choice of shoes

Friday: No running

That is depressing.

Did everyone in the world decide to do their Christmas shopping early on Friday afternoon? It was a madhouse out there.  But I got most everything done and even wrapped it all up.  I don’t know what to do with myself now.

Oh yea.  Don’t run.  I am still trying to give it until Monday.

What are your weekend plans?

Friday: Dedication

IMG_0242Friday was a “rest” day and I take those VERY seriously right now.  After CrossFit on Thursday, my legs were not working right.  So when the alarm went off of this guy wanted to stay in bed, I said OK!

I have been walked around my house in circles all day, trying to keep my legs loose.  Sitting down spelled trouble.  The worst muscle soreness, for me, is always 36 hours after a hard workout.  Saturday morning should be the worst of it. I could be found in the hot tub at the gym.   And then I can decide by Sat afternoon about the race.

It is the Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon.  I have my form all filled out and the $$ ready.  It will depend on the legs.

What are your weekend plans?  Anyone racing this weekend?

Wednesday: Missing the Mark

I am having the hardest time getting up while it is still dark.  Once again, I turned off my alarm and went back to sleep.  Missed the mark.  It doesn’t help that this guy (Solo) has suddenly discovered that he wants to snuggle.  On my lap, in the chair, on the couch, in the bed.  It is hard to leave that.  The good news is (to me) that I am not in danger of being late for anything and still have time for my runs.

Wednesday, I was even MORE sore from the Crossfit workout on Monday. But I got out there anyway and knew just about everything would feel better once I got going.  And it did. 6 miles/1:10.  Right on target for this week.  The Garmin said 1:14 because someone on rollerblades with a dog stopped me on the street with TWO TENTHS OF A MILE left and wanted to talk to me.  The dogs name was Milly.  I always remember the names of the dogs.  But I forgot to pause the Garmin.

Wednesday was another one of those bottomless pit days.  And then when I sent Michael to pickup pizza on his way home, they claimed I had never placed the order and then tried to tell him I must have called a different location.  Uh, no I didn’t.  H0w about the girl who answered the phone was a moron and never put in the order?  So he ended up going to a different pizza place instead.

The rest of Wednesday was consumed by Top Chef and Life After Top Chef.  Why do they always say that dishes “missed the mark?”  What was the mark?

Who is in line for Breaking Dawn Part 2?  Not here.  I will admit that we have seen all of the movies, but on DVD.

Wednesday: Assaults and Well Wishes

My feet/toe were still screaming at me.  I don’t know what that toe did to its neighbors, but they jumped it and kicked its ass.  Wednesday included yet another bike ride.  This time, I decided to ride my bike into South Mountain Park and see if I could make it to San Juan Rd, which is closed to traffic.  I made it 3.75 (uphill) miles before turning around.  I think I was just one hill from the parking lot.  But I didn’t want to have to climb that particular back up so I turned around.  The uphill trip took me 25 minutes.  The way back, the downhill, took 15 minutes.  Toes crossed I get back to the running on Thursday.

Bike:  8 miles / 43:10

I once again found this in my coffee kcup basket.  Would she still want the basket if I cleared it out and gave it to her?  Of course not, she is a cat! She did come out of that basket smelling like gingerbread tea.

Wednesday Food:

Breakfast:  Coffee and cinnamon scone

Snack: Peach

Lunch:  Egg Beaters, turkey sausage and english muffin

Snack: Butternut squash, raspberries and carrots

Dinner: Pasta Bolognese

Snack:  Mint Choc Chip ice cream

Michael picked “spouse night” (new name, won’t stick) at Giuseppe’s on 28th.  We saw it on DDD the other night and had to try it out.  We both ordered the same thing that was made for Guy on the show.  It was ok.  I was actually expecting more flavor.  But I would definitely go back and maybe try something else.

This guy is sending all of his healing vibes and best wishes to his favorite aunt Jenny.  Get better soon.

Please excuse the multiple changes coming on the blog as I am playing around with the theme and format.

Tuesday2: Recovery and Recovery

Random Twitter pic from today.  Solo, recovering from his time at camp.

Maybe Vegas turned into the worlds largest cruise ship. And I picked up one of the those nasty viruses from the elevator buttons.  Needless to say, stomach issues changed any plans I had for a run Tues morning.  And the issues are not going away.  Hopefully I can get a few miles in on Wed.  The half marathon is on Saturday.

Meals were no walk on the wild side due to aforementioned issues.  Breakfast was a protein bar and coffee.

Lunch was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with veggie straws. (AWFUL picture.  I had come so far.)  Then I braved just a few carrots and a nectarine.

We went out to dinner.  I had roast chicken, a sweet potato and veggies.  That didn’t sit well at all.  And I ordered the blandest think I could.

We are catching up on the blind auditions of The Voice.  Teams are bigger this season.  And damn!  Did anyone see the RHONJ Reunion.  I want to smack Teresa with a frying pan.  Amazing Race started and I already have my favorites.  You have to love the goat farmers.  And the metal rocker/lawyer team.  I have a few more shows to catch, mainly Greys Anatomy.

You chime in….with unresolved stomach issues and no runs since last Wed, would you try to gut out the half marathon on Sat?  I was using it as just another training long run.  No expectations on time or pace.  But I could also downgrade to the 5k or just volunteer.  Thought I would ask.