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Sloth Sunday…

Today is “sloth Sunday” as it is the only actual rest day I take all week.  I plan to watch TV, read the ads, maybe make a run to Costco (and any other place that appeals to me in the ads).  And then a good friend is coming for dinner and the True Blood Season Finale.  On the menu is beer, a pimped up version of a Weight Watchers Jambalaya recipe, and these Peanut Butter Cup Brownies..  They will probably be featured on Food Friday so I will let you know.

This week, I tried to put together the Ikea drawers for my bookcase.  I got through one set.  Can you blame me when the instructions start like that?

What the hell are they trying to say?  I got most of it together, realized that the rails for the drawers were backwards and had to redo.  By the time I got it all done, I didn’t have the heart to start on the second set.  Michael said he would do it for me, but he probably doesn’t remember and even if he does, I could be waiting months before he decides to get around to it.  So I will do it later this week.


In the end, they looked like this and I like them a lot.  I may even want one or two more sets of them.

Off to rescue the paper from the driveway.  Maybe I will even get through some of the House Hunters I taped last weekend!

Regarding: TJ’s and Ikea

It was a tough call, what to do today.  And once I realized that there was TWELVE STRAIGHT HOURS OF HOUSE HUNTERS on, it got even harder.  But that is what the DVR is for!  And I actually got excited about the idea of watching the House Hunters all week while I eat my lunch.  So off we went to Trader Joe’s and Ikea in Charlotte.

Trader Joes Tempe AZI didn’t get to take my own pictures because I was SO excited to be there that I forgot.  The same was true when we got to Ikea (and it was raining when we came out). Traders Joe’s was exciting for the Cinnamon crumpets, the Cinnamon scones (see a pattern), the trail mixes, mini peanut butter cups. I wandered around so long Michael thought I was done and waiting outside.  I saw Two Buck Chuck.  And Corn Salsa.  And yummy desserts and pizza.  I could go on and on.  We need to go back with a cooler.

IIKEA Logo in Blue and Yellow on Storekea was a bust in regards to finding a desk (I am assured one will be bought by the end of the week).  But I did find neat drawer inserts for my Expedit bookcase and a new hardboiled egg slicer.

We can thank what is left of Tropical Storm Lee for a very SLOW drive home.  And the forecasts say the weather will suck here for at least the next 24 hours, so I am curled up with a Stella and House Hunters/US Open Tennis.

Can Labor Day last a few more days?

Oh, and I did run 3 miles and do leg presses, calf raises and hamstring curls at the gym before we went!