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Tuesday: Let me out!

Since the 4 miles on Monday yielded no ill-effects, I set out on Tues for 5miles.  I headed out before sunrise to make sure I got the 5 in before my 7am meeting.  I work best under tight timelines.  So I was really pushing the pace (for me) to get back to the house in time for the conference call.  I got back at 6:50am and immediately found out the meeting was pushed to 8am.  Oh well.  Thanks for the motivation to push the pace.

The other funny from this particular morning was that I was locked in my neighborhood.  We live in a gated community and the gates were still closed when I got to the front and even the side gate was locked!  I was trapped!!! But just a few minutes later the gates opened and I was released.  I did consider rolling myself under the gate, but it turned out to not be necessary.  Does my shape even roll?

Run: 5miles / 55:20

I did better with food today.  Breakfast was coffee and a chocolate chip muffin (ok, not better).  Lunch was leftover jambalaya.  There was an apple, half of a mango smoothie and some snack mix.  Then dinner was a pork chop with some Heinz 57, a sweet potato and a steamed veggie mix.  And white wine.

I am a closet internet shopper.  Ok, so not so closeted.  But I had an Old Navy coupon and found tons on their website for like $7 (each).  Add that to my Pinterest Fashion board (noodles2245 if you want to follow) and I needed some new pieces for the cooler weather.  It was ALL shirts to go with my sweaters and pants.  I already have the shoes.  So now I should be good to go.

Still waiting on the Sephora order.  Um, $6 UD shadows.  YES Please!

Monday: Pedals and Paint Chips

My feet were hurting from both my 10 miler on Friday and from the hiking (picture of the view on our hike) we did on Sunday. So I headed out on the bike this morning.   I really felt confident for the first time on my bike. I don’t know if it is just spending more time on the bike, or the core work I have been doing, but I felt pretty good.

Bike: 10 miles / 48:20

Meals today were stuck in a rut.  Protein bar for breakfast, egg beaters with turkey sausage, an english muffin and salsa.  There were some carrots and a peach. Dinner was a ribeye with sweet potato fries and a little ranch dressing for dipping.  Another peach for dessert.  Have I mentioned how AMAZING the peaches from Costco have been?

20121015-191404.jpgI don’t consider myself an especially creative person. But I copy like a mother-f…. Which is why all of my recipes come from somewhere else. Anyone that reads this blog knows that I LOVE calendars and have no less than 4 going at a time (including phones, computers, training logs, etc.) So when I saw the paint chip calendar project on Pinterest, I knew I could do it and thought it would be a quick project (I have attention span issues. See: unfinished knitting projects) and that I could have fun with the colors.

The hardest part really (and it wasn’t very hard) was figuring out the dimensions of each block. Then you just cut them all to the same size and stick them on a piece of posterboard! I didn’t get to crazy with making sure the spacing was exact. A craft project should have some element of “homemade” to it. I am really pleased with the results.  You use dry erase markers and just go to calendaring town!


Daily Mood Alert and Food/Fitness: Thurs, Feb 16

It has started.  The race is 9 days away and the anxiety is setting in.  What if I don’t meet any of my goals?  What if things don’t go well?  So I have been looking for ways to change the voices in my head.  Things I can use and say to myself to keep going.

I have put the work in.  The training has gone well. Certainly not my first time (10th) tackling the half marathon distance.  But still the doubt creeps in.  So this one sums it all up.  (I would give the proper credit, but I got it from Pinterest)

Mood:  Other than the above, mood is good.  It is a rainy day but I got a few things done.  Errands, laundry, dishes, movie, etc.

Food:  Breakfast was coffee and and english muffin.  Then I had a GIANT salad for lunch.  And an orange.  The dogs were bored so we went to Starbucks for a Light Frappuchino.  An apple.  Some animal cracker snack mix (that I promptly moved back into the kitchen).  There will be some chicken in a General Tso’s sauce from Trader Joe’s.  A nectarine. Carrots.

Fitness:  Did 3 fast miles on the ellipticals and then some upper body weights WHILE on a Bosu ball.  My balance has really come a long way.

Did anyone else FORGET that Survivor came back on last night?  Luckily we caught it halfway through and added it to the DVR list to be recorded.  We still need to finish The Voice, Top Chef and RHOOC.


Food Friday: Mini Chocolate Souffles

I have always wanted to try making a souffle but was intimidated.  I thought I needed special equipment, special skills, or just to be special to have a souffle turn out.  Turns out, I was wrong.

I saw this picture on Pinterest, which of course sent me to the recipe here.  And I thought, wait a minute.  I have those little ramekins that I picked up on clearance at Home Goods.  And then a little wind out of my sails when I realized mine were smaller.  But the recipe did say you could make the souffle’s bigger and just adjust the baking time.  And again, I thought, I have bigger ones! I will just make two instead of four!

So I set out to melting the chocolate, realizing I put it WAY to much expresso powder (since I didn’t actually make the expresso) but I managed to rectify that somehow.  And then to separating the eggs (the first yolk broke but things went smoothly from there).

And then I wondered, did I let the chocolate cool enough?  Are my egg whites stiff enough?  How much folding is too much?  But eventually, everything got into the dishes, already prepped with butter and sugar and into the oven then went.

I love to watch things as they bake.  But I sat down for a while and was AMAZED when I went back. They actually were rising and looked like I souffle!

I can’t emphasize enough how DELICIOUS these were right out of the oven.  A little cream or ice cream and it would have been a bowl (ramekin?) of heaven.  This recipe goes to the top of the pile and will be used over and over.  It is easy to keep everything you need on hand for whenever the mood strikes (tomorrow?).   And not nearly as complicated as I thought.