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Regarding: MarsEdit 3


So I found a way to try MarsEdit for free before I pull the trigger on buying the software.  So here is my FIRST post using an actual blogging software.  I am not sure how long I get to “try before I buy” but I will do it as long as I can and then make my decision.  So far, so good.   Although pasting the thumbnail took a bit of work.

This is where I found the free trial version AND the version on CNET is one update later than what is in the App Store right now.

What blogging software do you use?

What kind of camera do you use?  How to you remember to take pictures and what tips would you have for taking better pictures?

Regarding: Commitment

icn_MarsEdit_512As I was reflecting on what to type up for today’s post, I got to thinking about commitment.  There is an old joke about a ham and eggs breakfast.  The chicken is involved, the pig is committed.

I was searching the web yesterday to find a blogging software that I can use to draft my posts offline, format, insert pictures etc.  I had heard other bloggers saying such positive things about Windows Live Writer, but we drank the Apple kool-aid a long time ago and there is no Live Writer for Mac.

What I did find is MarsEdit 3.  Reviews of version 2 were so-so at best, but they seemed to have addressed many of the issues in version 3.  At least that is what the reviews are saying.  But, unlike Live Writer which is free, MarsEdit 3 comes with a $40 price-tag.  So that is where the question of commitment comes in.  Am I committed enough to the blogging process to invest $40 in an editing software (not including the WILD justification I made for the laptop)?

$40 seems like a small commitment really, in the scheme of things.  Compare it, for example, to having a kid.  That costs a hell of a lot more than $40 and if you are not committed, 18 yrs (on average) is a REALLY long time.  With my luck, the kid would be at home forever.