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A Plea…..

You all know how much I love my dogs.  And when I read this story, I had to help.  I have been in a similar situation and the worst feeling in the world is thinking that you will have to make medical decision based on money.

If anyone can, and feels moved to, please help Katie and her sweet Graham.

Regarding: News

Front of house - 1310 E Pedro Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85042Well, there has been a lot going on around here the past few months and it was purposely kept off the blogosphere.  But now it is time to share.

First:  We decided to put our house up for sale back in April.  That might (if anyone reads and remembers) help explain why I was doing so much cleaning and decorating this spring.  Does anyone remember the tips about getting hairspray stains off the walls.  Or all of the Magic Eraser work? Well, there you go.  And I can patch drywall like a champ!

Second:  It sold in May!  Our fabulous Realtor, Scott, sold our house in 32 days.  Coincidentally, he sold our last house in 32 days.  Very impressive.  Let me know if you are in the area and want a referral.

Third:  Michael has decided to leave his current job in search of other opportunities.  It was a difficult, but not hasty, decision for him.

Fourth:  We are moving to PHOENIX!  I just spend a week there looking for a rental house and we are all set to go in three weeks.  Michael is interviewing for jobs in the Phoenix area and even made a quick interview trip while I was out there.   We worked with a great realtor (Thomas) and he helped us find a place and get approved and everything signed in about 4 days.  The movers are coming to pack and load us.  We are DRIVING 2 dogs and 3 cats across the country in JULY.  INSANE!

In other news, I am going to start back on a half marathon training plan on Monday.  I don’t have a race in mind yet but need to follow something.  Crossfit is over and I am really missing it!  So I need to do something else.  I would love to continue with Crossfit, but it is expensive.  Maybe once we are back to two incomes.

Sloth Sunday


Chase Field to see the Dbacks and the Cubs.
Today is another game at Chase Field and then there might be Mimosa’s.  In the pool!

Anyone else watching the Olympic Trials?  They are just awesome!

Regarding: Endings

CrossFit Winston Salem – - -CWMy last night at CrossFit.

Are those tears of joy?  Sadness?  Pain?

All of the above.   And because I know I won’t be able to afford to go much after this.

What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) 6.13

Everyone knows by now that I am a very boring eater. I eat the same thing for breakfast everyday.  And today (or yesterday) was no exception.  Coffee and a protein bar.  It is fast, easy and seems to work for me. Ok, so maybe the mug changes from day to day!


Lunch goes in cycles. Egg beaters.  Chicken Sausage.  Turkey Burgers.  But right now it is Rotisserie Chicken Salad from Costco. And veggie straws.  Have you tried these?  Michael bought these, also from Costco, and then was about to give them away because he said they had no flavor.  He hadn’t noticed that I had already eaten half the bag.

Snacks were some strawberries.  A few animal crackers.  And a cookie.  Tuesdays are a tough day because I volunteer Tuesday nights.  So dinner is usually  a snack early and then something else later, when I get home.  It was chicken and broccoli noodles and then a bowl of Frosted Flakes.  Very exciting stuff.