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Thursday: Progress and No Progress - It will be a great day for fans and players alike when the lockout ends and Gary Bettman is no longer the NHL Commissioner! ReplaceBettman.comThe blah’s continued into Thursday, with some help from a bad dream about the dog.  I had to get up and find her to get the dream to stop.  The dog is fine.

I gave myself Thursday off.  From exercise.  From worrying about what I eat.  From everything.  And I do feel a bit recharged and less blah.

And hey, guess what?  There is still no CBA in Hockey.  The league rejected yet another player proposal.  I think all of the players should go play in Finland.  Or Russia.  I would watch.  And don’t come back until there is a new Commissioner.

IMG_0312I did make two perfectly (to me) poached eggs today for lunch.  Aren’t they pretty?  Breakfast was half of a muffin.  There was an apple, an orange.  And then randomness of taquito’s, chips and salsa and an egg roll for dinner.  And a small glass of wine. know I am only in Season 3 of 24, but I want a new President.  Palmer is just not doing it for me anymore.  Take Sherri and David with you on your way out.

Thursday: Open Eyes and Frames

Thursday got off to a sorry start.  I was awake from 1:45am till after 3:00am which meant the alarm was ignored.  And instead of the 6 miles I had planned, I did the CnC Plank Challenge workout and that was it.  Then the arthritis in my neck (from the bad night sleep?) set my shoulder off and there were muscle relaxers before bed.

However, there was some pretty special stuff in the middle.  It was “date night” (new name pending) and I decided we were going bowling.  Following bowling, I had a Deal Chicken for a BBQ place.

When we got to bowling, we were told it was all you can bowl before 5pm for $8.  HELL YES. In case you didn’t know, we used to bowl in a beer/fun league.  I went 2-3 in the first 5 games and then we decided we had time for one more game.  And that was when the magic happened.

I bowled my first ever 200 game!  201 BABY.  Only 2 open frames.  I even had them print it out for me as proof.  Because the pictures on my phone weren’t enough.

So I ended the day with cookies, drugs and my bowling mojo intact.

Michael bowled some great games as well.  We ended tied at 3-3.  The BBQ was so-so. But that is fine given how far away it is.

Thursday: Veeps and Birds

As I type this, the O’s and Yanks are in the 12th.  Let’s Go Birds!!!!!

Today was a “rest” day.  And I really did nothing today.  Well, I took the dogs to daycare, dealt with the handyman fixing the toilets and the sprinklers, met my sister for lunch, saw her office (nice view!), picked the dogs up from daycare, finished the laundry and made dinner.  So yea, I did nothing.

I didn’t eat breakfast.  Had french toast for lunch.  A peach.  And chicken with a potato and broccoli for dinner.  And a dum dum.  I think it was mango.

We caught a few minutes here and there of the VP debate.  I enjoy Biden.  Always have.  You never know what is going to fly out of his mouth and yet he is incredibly smart and can be articulate.  Ryan, I just can’t take him seriously.

And the A’s need another miraculous ending tonight.  PLEASE.

Since we are doing a trail run on Saturday, I am attempting my Long Run on Saturday.  Be thinking of me and send good vibes as you read this.

Tuesday: Trouble and Tresses - I miss complaining about every call made by the NFL's regular refs.Today’s run was like running on sand.  It felt like my legs were trying to run through glue.  But I got it done.  And I do believe that we should celebrate the runs that don’t go well even more than the ones that do!  I think the run was impacted by Saturday’s long run and being dehydrated after a salty dinner and not enough water.

Run: 5miles / 57:45

Today was HAIR APPT day.  You girls out there understand that hair appt day is very exciting.  And the rest of you can just take my word for it.  It was just a retouch and a trim, but we did find my new color for next time. So that was exciting.

Breakfast was part of a DD muffin (near the hair place).  And because the hair takes so long, I had a Kind Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan Bar.  When I got home, I had eggs and an english muffin.  Carrots and a peach.

Dinner was a ribeye steak, sweet potato fries, ranch (for dipping) and corn on the cob.

Do we even need to talk about the NFL replacement refs?  Seriously.  If these guys can be SO bad that they get the real officials back on the field, maybe they can go over and try to play hockey…get the hockey season back on track.

Sloth Sunday: BALLS (foot and meat)

Today is Sloth Sunday and started with the usual bevy of chores.  If you can call that sloth.

And then I found a recipe on Pinterest that I just had to find. And since I was going to my sister’s to watch Cardinals football, it was the perfect chance.  The site called them meatball bubble biscuits.  I can them Meatball Marinara Biscuits.  Just call them little balls of awesomeness.  And EASY.  These will become a must-have at any sports-viewing gathering.

And I finally dipped into the daiquiris.  YUM.  Definitely need more rum next time.  But these are good enough for now.

I need to figure out how to fit my miles into only 4 days this week.  Not sure a long run is appropriate given the half marathon is in 2 weeks.  And can I really get through the half marathon in one piece?  Yes, of course.  But will it be any fun, or at least educational?  Educational maybe.  On pace, fluids, nutrition, training progress.  Still on the fence about downgrading to the 5k though.

It is official.  My site has been retweeted by Childfree Online.  Let’s see what that does for traffic (and content).