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Wednesday: Best Laid Plans


I had so hoped to try and run on Wednesday to see how things would feel. But I didn’t need to.  It was another day of cross-training.  On to the dreaded elliptical I went.  At least I finished my book.

Elliptical: 3 miles / 43 minutes

The rest of the day was supposed to go like this: meetings/shopping/errands, dinner, movie sneak preview.  I got the meetings and the errands done. But by the time I got to the theater, TWO HOURS before the movie, there were already two lines of people waiting.  And by the time Michael got there, with the tickets, there were three lines and they were starting a fourth. So we scraped the movie idea.

I wasn’t disappointed about the movie.  It was Tom Cruise after all. But someone owed me a nice dinner for waiting around that long.  So we decided to try a place called The Keg.  It was much fancier (translation: more expensive) than we were expecting.  But it was very good.  Incredible service, steak cooked to perfection and never once did I have to ask for a drink refill.  Not an everyday place, but very good for a celebration or special occasion.

IMG_0981The rest of the week is more meetings.  I have one, two, no make that three more things to buy.  And I am making cupcakes (these?) and french toast casserole.  So I need to prep for those.

Very exciting stuff.  Tell me something about your day/wee/plans.

One of those people…

I seriously have nothing going on today.  I went to run and the legs said that just wasn’t happening.  So I walked.  I will try to do my 6 tomorrow and then 3 on Saturday.

The toilet decided it wanted to start running last night.  And a dual flush toilet is new to us. So I guess I will try to figure that out today.  I don’t want to be one of “those people,” those renters who call in for every, little, tiny thing.  And I don’t want to deal with them sending someone out really.

I have banana’s that need to be baked.  Send me your best ideas or it is going to be boring, old banana bread.

I did have a HUGE victory yesterday and got my car in the garage!

Food Friday….On Tues

I had received some wonderful peaches in my Bountiful Basket a few weeks ago and that made me want to make Peach Coffee Cake from the Brown Eyed Baker.  By the time I got around to making it, those peaches were gone and I had to get more.  But they were still wonderful.

It was fairly easy to do.  First you blanch the skin off the peaches and slice them (the messiest, yummiest part).  Then whip up the coffee cake batter. Spread half the batter, then a layer of peaches and cinnamon sugar, more batter, the rest of the peaches and the sugar.

It took about an hour to cook due to a slight change in pan size.

But man, was it worth it.  I don’t usually like warm peaches, but this coffee cake was truly excellent.



Food Friday: Blueberry Muffins

I had some blueberries in the fridge and wanted to do something with them before they went bad.  I used THIS recipe.  And they did not disappoint.  The crumb topping really makes them special.  I did just an extra touch of milk as the batter seemed thick and dry.


Food Friday: Apple Streusel Muffins

coyoteI am going to be making apple streusel muffins today or tomorrow.  I use this recipe.

And I saw THIS this morning!  Totally a sign since we went and picked out our Coyotes hockey seats last night!  This isn’t my picture (thank you Flikr) but it could have been.  He was crossing the road right outside our neighborhood.

Ran 3 at the gym this morning.  IT Band feels ok.  I am keeping it at 3 for now.  And when it feels better, I will start increasing my long runs by one mile.  Slow and steady.