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Thursday: Progress and No Progress - It will be a great day for fans and players alike when the lockout ends and Gary Bettman is no longer the NHL Commissioner! ReplaceBettman.comThe blah’s continued into Thursday, with some help from a bad dream about the dog.  I had to get up and find her to get the dream to stop.  The dog is fine.

I gave myself Thursday off.  From exercise.  From worrying about what I eat.  From everything.  And I do feel a bit recharged and less blah.

And hey, guess what?  There is still no CBA in Hockey.  The league rejected yet another player proposal.  I think all of the players should go play in Finland.  Or Russia.  I would watch.  And don’t come back until there is a new Commissioner.

IMG_0312I did make two perfectly (to me) poached eggs today for lunch.  Aren’t they pretty?  Breakfast was half of a muffin.  There was an apple, an orange.  And then randomness of taquito’s, chips and salsa and an egg roll for dinner.  And a small glass of wine. know I am only in Season 3 of 24, but I want a new President.  Palmer is just not doing it for me anymore.  Take Sherri and David with you on your way out.

Long Run Saturday: Leftovers and Lockouts

Long Run Saturday was 5 miles and it felt GREAT.  Isn’t it amazing how runs can be so different.  Thursday, nothing felt good and I struggled through 3 miles.  Today, it felt great.  I wasn’t bored. It seemed to fly by.  Even the hills didn’t feel that bad.  I don’t know why but I will take it and say thank you.

Run: 5.0 miles / 58:40

As a reward for doing 5 (instead of 4), I ate an apple muffin with my coffee.

It was Bountiful Basket pickup day.  This is only HALF of what we received.  For $15.  The other half included broccoli, carrots, potatoes, radishes, peppers, etc.  So I had an apple and then we went out to run errands.  I managed to down 48 oz of cold water in under an hour.  Not the brightest idea to do that and then try to run errands.

Lunch was leftover flank steak, sweet potato and corn around 1:30  And then some carrots.

Dinner was a toss up.  To eat at the ballpark or take something with me?  Yes, you can bring your own food into the ballpark.  But then I remembered the taco’s I had there back in June.  Taco’s it is!!!  Really I was just too lazy to fix something at home.  But even when I got there, I ended up with an Italian Sausage and a very large beer.

The night was capped off by the NHL locking out the players for the upcoming season.  Or until they can come to a deal.  The last lockout, the players gave the owners a salary cap in return for 57% of the revenue.  Now, the owners want some of the revenue back since the league is making more money.  GREEDY BASTARDS.  Maybe if they gave some on the salary cap.  But why should the players give back what the owners gave them the last time?  Gary Bettman needs to be fired.  I was looking forward to my first Coyotes season.

How was your Saturday?

Weekend Recap

Friday night was spent at the hockey game.  We lost in OT and were officially eliminated from the playoffs. But Friday was great because I got my 9 mile long run done!

Saturday was sacrificed to car shopping.  For over 8 hours!  It was supposed to be about running, errands, working on the house and then hockey.  But by the time we got done with the car, all we could manage was to grab Chinese takeout and watch the game on tv.  We suffered at 5-0 loss to the Devils so it was actually a good thing we stayed home.  You can read about all of it here.

Sloth Sunday was anything but.  I got up and ran 3 (of 4), then went to Costco. It was BUSY.  Then we worked on the house and got quite a bit done.  We did a swing through the craft fair, which was a big waste of time.  And then, stayed up LATE and managed to get through ALL of last season of Game of Thrones.  NO SPOILERS. We haven’t watched the Season 2 premiere yet.  But poor Ned.  Will I even want to watch without Ned?  You can read about Sunday here.

I feel like I am off track with pictures and my posts.  I owe you food, movies and haven’t done a product or website review in quite a time.  This week is BACK ON TRACK week.


Sloth Sunday


Michael’s new ride.

Yesterday was SUPPOSED to be: car shopping, 4 mile run, errands and hockey.  Did that happen???  Hell, no.  Cause car shopping took over 8 hours.  A bit ridiculous in my opinion.  But Michael is happy with his choice and that is the most important part.   And it was actually a good thing that we skipped hockey due to timing and 2 sick dogs.  The Hurricanes played like a team with nothing to play for.

So Sloth Sunday now turns into: run 4 miles, Costco, plant flowers, do laundry, make cookies and keep working on the house.  Not very sloth-like.  I have a HUGE list of stuff for Michael to do but I am not going to give it to him.  Cause it won’t get done anyway.  It has to be his idea to, you know, actually get this shit done.  So I will wait.

HBO is doing another Game of Thrones marathon today in the last big buildup to the season premiere tonight.  I wonder how many of those I can get through without wanting to kill someone with a broadsword myself?

And yes, the dogs seem better.

Long Run Saturday

This NEVER happens, but long run Saturday turned into long run Friday.  So I guess Food Friday gets moved to today.  I went to the gym yesterday to do 4 miles on the treadmill with maybe some sprints thrown in.  And the first mile or two felt so good that I abandoned the idea of sprints and decided to do my long run instead.  9 miles!

I was even more pleased about getting it done for two reasons.  This morning, it is raining.  And someone in this house has to go car shopping and for some insane reason, wants me to go with him.   So I doubt a long run would have happened today anyway.  AND we have another hockey game to go to tonight.

Hockey.  The Hurricanes were officially eliminated from the playoffs last night.  They needed the Penguins to win (they did) and to win themselves (lost in OT).  So that is that.  It was a miracle we were even still in contention with 4 games left.

Food Friday will be coming at some point this weekend.  I have had the recipe all picked out.  Just need to find the time to make it.