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Website Review: Replacements, Ltd

Replacements, Ltd.Replacements, Ltd started as a man’s hobby.  As he traveled the world, he would hunt down replacement pieces of china patterns for his friends.  Eventually, he decided to turn his hobby into a worldwide business.

While I am lucky enough to live about 20 minutes away from their call center, showroom, warehouse and museum, you can take advantage of their services online.

Whether you are looking for a missing piece of your china, crystal or silver pattern or searching for a new pattern all together, Replacements can help.  I went there on Saturday to find a winter or holiday pattern.  I just wanted a few plates to spice up my dining room table.  When the ones I had seen online didn’t thrill me, the woman there was able to recommend others that I hadn’t see before.  And I ended up with George and Gracie!

If you are in the Triad (NC) area it is worth a visit.  Or browse the website and search around.

PS: Replacements has also been featured on Animal Planet and the Travel Channel for being one of the most PET FRIENDLY places to visit and work.  Employees can bring their (well-trained) dogs to work and visitors are welcome to bring their (leashed) dogs in as well!

Website/Product Review: Amazon Wishlist

MenubarI believe I am behind on both of these and wanted to somehow combine them into one post (see how efficient I can be).

The secret on Amazon is out.  And it has never been a secret how much I love  I recently bought things as random as earplugs (CVS stopped carrying mine) and a replacement band for my Garmin (what?  no instructions?).

But now it is Christmas time and my family is spread out.  We will be traveling for Christmas and rather than do our shopping and drag it all with us, I use Amazon to shop and ship it straight there.  Then all that is left to do when we arrive is sort and wrap.  But that is not all.

Everyone in my family wants (and gives) lists.  See that little button up there with the a?  That is the Amazon Wishlist button.  Now, Amazon wishlists might not be a secret either.  But add that little button to your toolbar and you can add items to your Amazon Wishlist FROM ANY WEBSITE.  So, say I want the new Smashbox set from Ulta (I am a junkie), I can go to the Ulta site, pull up the set, hit that button and it is on my Amazon wishlist with a link to Ulta.

So, come Christmas or my next birthday, I just send my loved ones the link to my Amazon wishlist and everything I have ever hoped for is at their fingertips.

Website Wednesday: Crockpot365

Apparently this didn’t post last night like it was supposed to (FU to the “schedule post” option), so here is a bonus post for you.  More coming later.


With the weather cooling off, it makes me think of things like stew and chili.  And my crockpot.

I don’t even know how I got here, but I was searching around for crockpot recipes and found this site.  It is a blog, written by a woman who made a crockpot recipe everyday for a year. Stephanie O’Dea.

She has a great archive of her project by week and you can even look through the recipes by category.  I found one for crockpot french toast that sounds too good not to try.

I cannot speak to the quality or accuracy of the recipes as I haven’t made any of them yet.  But it is certainly a site that provides options for every type of meal and cuisine, all made in the crockpot.

I can’t wait to start trying some of her recipes.

Website Wednesday:

Recently, my best friend decided that she needed to find a local half marathon race sometime in Jan.  I immediately went to, clicked on Alabama and Jan and there it was.  A half marathon in Auburn at the end of Jan.  She said (or texted rather) “how did you find that so fast?”  And I told her about the website.

I love to travel for races.  And mostly that involves my best friend, sister or Disney.  This site is mostly kept up to date and is a great way to search by location or by date.   It also has links for the event website and/or registration (usually through

Race MenuYou can search by type of event, location, distance, month, etc.  There are links to event results posted as well.  There are many other features of the website that I probably don’t utilize as much as I should.  But it is always a great place to start when you think, “I need something to train for.”

And best of all, the features I have mentioned are FREE!

Featured Website:

Uploaded with Skitch!

Many of us can get overwhelmed, especially as the holidays approach, with keeping the house clean (or at least tidy). provides a structured approach to keeping your home clean and in order.

Her basic philosophy is that you are never behind.  Just jump in wherever she is and do one thing at a time.  She breaks the house into “zones” and tackles one zone per week.  Each day, there is a “mission” to be completed in the zone.  Each mission should take no more than 15 minutes.

Then she offers some approaches to tackle morning and evening routines and general clutter.

You can visit the site, “like”her on Facebook, or sign up for daily emails that will include the zone and mission information.