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Regarding: Nothing

My normal morning routine is to sit here, on the couch, and read other peoples blogs until a blog post occurs to me.

This morning, I got nothing.

It is Travel Tuesday and we do have a couple of trips coming up.  But nothing is jumping out at me there. Unless you want to hear about how Michael starts packing two and a half weeks in advance.   The dogs are outside.  The cat is poking holes in me.  Coffee is getting cold.  And I still have nothing.

I have one meeting, a trip to the gym later.  And my PetsMart gig tonight.  And still nothing.

Maybe later.

Daily Mood Alert and Food/Fitness: Tues, April 3

Extreme Couponing Videos : Couponing, Extreme Couponing : TLCHave you seen this show?  I don’t mind the theory of it. Quite a few people on the show DONATE the food to their church or local food bank.  But really, people?  Most of you are just one quick step from being on Hoarders instead of Extreme Couponing.  Most people don’t need a “stockpile”.  That is why there is a store.

Mood:  Not too bad.  I get to go to PetsMart tonight and do an adoption for Clyde the Cat.  I love being able to send them home with a great family.

Food:  I had a piece of strudel for breakfast.  What can I say.  Then I had leftover jambalaya for lunch.  Some carrots.  A nectarine.  A cookie.  I have NO IDEA what is for dinner.

Fitness:  I did 4 miles on the elliptical this morning.

Biggest Loser night!  What is on your agenda for this evening?

Daily Mood Alert and Food/Fitness: Tues, Dec 13

The day started out well enough.  I went to the gym, got cleaned up and did some work around the house.  The rest of the day was pretty boring.  Michael’s schedule was all screwed up and he ended up home for dinner at 3:30 and then going back to work until 8pm.  And I had PetsMart tonight, which I won’t really go into the adoption center drama!But 3 of our cats left this evening, 2 more have been adopted and there are three still there.  Including this one.  Jingle.  SO CUTE!

Food:  Breakfast – chocolate chip waffle with peanut butter.  Lunch – Jamba Juice Mango smoothie with protein powder.  Snack – Fried egg on Multigrain light english muffin and carrots.  Dinner – Irish Banger with mashed potatoes, brown gravy and broccoli.  Snack – apple and handful of animal crackers/nuts/m&m’s mix.

Fitness:  I got to the gym and did 3 miles on the treadmill.  My legs felt heavy so it was about half and half, walking and running.  Then Bryan, the new trainer, kicked my ASS.  In a good way.  He does High Intensity Interval Training which is strength training but done in sets with minimal rest.  But I liked him.  He was very encouraging.  And he was awesome about showing me each of the exercises.  It went well.  Or at least I didn’t embarrass myself too badly.


Daily Mood Alert and Food/Fitness: Tuesday, Nov 22


Mood is good. It is hair appt day, what could be bad?  I had lunch with a good friend and then had my hair appt.  Just finished dinner.  And now we will head off to PetsMart

Every Tuesday night, I am the volunteer that goes in to our local PetsMart and takes care of the cats in the adoption center.  It has been a wonderful way to love on some cats without having to bring them home.  And it has been so great to see the go to their “forever homes”.

These two girls are up for adoption right now.  Sweetie and Tootsie.  They are they sweetest girls and deserve to stay together.  If you know of anyone in central NC looking to add to their family, just let me or contact the Guilford County SPCA.

Fitness:  I am trying to pay more attention to my HR this week.  I think I have gotten a bit “soft” and need to push myself a bit harder.  So a hard 3 miles on the elliptical this morning.

Food:  Breakfast was coffee and a TJ’s chocolate chip scone.  Then I had lunch at Panera’s but they were out of my favorite soup (Cream of Chicken and Wild Rice) so I tried the new Chicken Stew.  It was ok.  I left the cheddar biscuits behind so I hope that saved me some calories.  I did eat the bread though.  I tried one of the new Nature Valley thins with dark chocolate.  It was ok.  Nothing too spectacular.  Then dinner was chicken with tzatziki sauce, chicken flavored noodles and broccoli.  And I just tore myself away from the animal cracker/PB M&M’s/Nuts mix.  I have gone a little over with the snack but can work it off tomorrow.  I hope

Regarding: Kittens and Kiwanian’s…

Tonight is volunteer night for me at PetsMart.  I hear we have a few new kittens so I am looking forward to meeting them.  It is also baseball night at the Greensboro Grasshoppers with Michaels’ Kiwanis Club. So I will get there late (save me a hot dog), after I do the cats at PetsMart. 

Today was a bit dull.  I tried to use a Groupon at GNC (no luck yet), bought some new dogs toys (lasted about an hour and now have been taken away).  And had my weekly session with Victor, my torture personal trainer.  He beat on my legs for an hour and it was GREAT.  Any excuse to wear my pink compression socks. 



I had some PB Toast (no pic needed)

a huge salad with chicken and ranch dressing for lunch and a few crackers on the side ( I am still staring at the nectarine, snack for later)







and my awesome snack mix





I also eat about a pound of baby carrots a day.  No exaggeration.  No telling what dinner will be really.  Whatever is left at the baseball game when I get there.  I will have to think of something more exciting to post tomorrow.