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Wednesday: Purge

IMG_0360I am on vacation until after the first of the year, but that doesn’t mean I am any less busy.  Staycations, for me, are full of projects and lists of things I want to get done.

First and foremost, I ran.  I am sticking to my short and slow for this week.  Well, sort of.  It was short but it wasn’t really slow.  And just like Monday, there was no pain but I can still tell that things aren’t quite completely healed.  So maybe that HIKE in the afternoon wasn’t such a smart idea.  That was where I could feel my knee saying, “please stop.”  My knee is so polite.

Run: 3 Miles / 32:50

Hike: 2 Miles / Kiwanis Trail (picture is the view from the TOP of South Mountain)

IMG_0348So, in between the run and the hike, I decided to clean out the cabinets.  WTF?  I thought I had stopped stockpiling food.  But really, I have not. I threw anything away that was “expired” and it could explain why my sisters birthday cupcakes were a big, fat failure.  Everything is gone, cleaned out and looking better.

I will do a recap of my 2012 goals (and results) next week, but I already have a new goal in mind for 2013.  Hike all of the South Mountain trails.  Now, some are short and I could do them right now.  Some even shorted than the Kiwanis Trail.  But there are a couple that are LONG. And I mean 14 miles long.  ONE WAY. So those longer ones may have to be done in sections.  But there are 33 in all and I think it is doable!

In addition to actually hiking (or running) the trails, I will do a write-up on each one.  And in the Phoenix area, once I am done with South Mountain, there are plenty of others to choose from (North Mountain, Squaw Peak, Camelback, the Estrella’s, the White Tanks, etc).

Food went something like this:  Egg sandwich, coffee, a little bit of leftover sausage dip and tortilla chips, a piece of crack (cinnamon) toast, chicken breast with ranch for dipping and veggie mix.

I have more updates for you on the projects I made for Michael, the trail review and what arrived in my mail on Wednesday.  Those are coming soon.

Regarding: Hiking

Well, Sunday was supposed to be a rest day for me after my long run of 6 miles on Saturday.  But Michael decided it would be a good day to take the dogs (who says I am kidless?) hiking up at Pilot Mountain.  Since he doesn’t normally advocate taking the dogs out in public (not sure why), I agreed to take the trip.

We headed out early to try and beat the heat (and avoid the chance of afternoon thunderstorms).  The dogs seem to know that something special was happening.  Michael really lured me into the trip by promising to stop at Dunkin Donuts (COFFEE ROLL!). Here we are in the car.

The hiking went very well.  Solo attacked the steps and hills like he had found his inner athlete. Annabelle was her normal, peppy self.

I promise not to spend too much time on this blog talking about the dogs.  There are other places to do that.  But this was how we spent our Sunday.  It beats soccer games, birthday parties or homework.