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Daily Mood Alert and Food/Fitness: Tues, Feb 7

www.toothpastefordinner.comThis is SO true!

I have had my second SUPER PRODUCTIVE day in a row.  And I have the sticky-note lists to prove it.  Today I made 3 appts (or moved them) that I have been putting off.  I did the taxes, cleaned my bathroom sink area, finished the closet reorg, cutup all the strawberries and cut the cats nails.  Not bad overall.  Except the dogs are getting bored and their play-buddy had a meeting after work so he won’t be home for a while.

Food:  Breakfast was a bagel thin with PB.  Then I had a granola bar.  And leftover wings and ranch for lunch (6 wings).  Then some animal crackers and a peach.  A piece (small) of crack bark.  And a cup of tea.  Some carrots.  And after all that, I am not sure what dinner will be.

Fitness:  I worked out with Bryan today and it went better than last week. Which is why I allowed myself the wings.  I can be bribed with food to workout hard.  My arms are going to be SORE!

And I just realized that tomorrow is WIAW and I don’t have pictures of any of the things I ate today.  But I can take them I guess.

Regarding Calendars…

There are quite a few calendars that are important to me.  The Red Sox-Yankee’s calendar.  The Costco coupons calendar.  The 2011-2012 Carolina Hurricanes Calendar.  The when-do-we-get-paid calendar.  And the Guilford County School Calendar.  While we continue to remain child-free (and will be forever), the school calendar is important to me.  It means that the neighborhood pool will be empty during the day (HURRAY!).  It means that kids will be in bed earlier in the evenings.  And it means that the buses will start running through the neighborhood again.  Since I work from home full-time, I don’t really care about getting stuck behind a bus on my way to work.  What I DO care about is the kids standing at the bus stops in the morning and driving the dog, Solo, crazy.  And kids getting off the buses in the afternoon, interrupting our afternoon walks. For more on Solo, Annabelle and the rest of our brood, see my other blog Wag More, Bark….

So yes, I care about when the kids go back to school, what time school starts and the bus schedule.  It means I will also have to alter my day (and the dogs) to keep the craziness to a minimum.  Even the time I get up will change to accommodate the bus.

Another time we will get into my taxes, the school systems I will never send a child to and how it all relates to healthcare.


I have been considering investing in a new laptop, in support of my new blogging career of course.  Since I have no illusions about making a living by blogging, I can’t really call it an “investment in the business.”  I just want to be able to blog (and surf) from anywhere.  Couch.  Bed.  Tub.  Closet (not really). Anywhere.

And wouldn’t you know that we are now in the midst of tax-free weekend in NC.  I won’t be gearing up any chitlins to send to school and I am not a teacher. But there is no reason why I should stay home on tax-free weekend.  Unless they ask for some sort of parent ID.  Is there such a thing as a breeder ID card?

So the question is whether or not to pull the trigger on a new laptop and save the tax?  It was going to depend on my level of patience and the process I needed to follow to get the new laptop.  How long would the lines be at my local Apple store?  Would I really want to stand in the line with everyone else?  A line full of parents and (potentially) their bratty and ungrateful kids who think their hot shit cause they are about to go off to college. Or the younger kids, screaming for another iPad cause the new ones are better and have Skype.  How many iPads does one family really need (we have ONE).

Ah, but remember I said it was going to depend on those factors.  Until the Marketing Genius’s (probably promoted from the in-store Genius Bar’s) sent me an email.  An email from heavan.  That said I could order ONLINE and still take advantage of the tax holiday.  No Lines.  No Stores.  No Traffic.  No Parking.  NO KIDS!!!!  And no more questions.

Maybe if I send a link to this post to Steve Jobs and the Apple Genius’s , they will send me a laptop.  I don’t expect to make a living at this, but a perk here and there would be OK!  I have no shame….

UPDATE:  I did go by the Apple store to compare the 11 inch and 13 inch laptops.  The line at 10:30 (they opened at 8:00) was TWO AND A HALF HOURS long.  I am new to this blogging thing and next time I will be sure to take a picture while I am there!