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Long Run Saturday and Decisions

Eyeshadow by Urban Decay (Official Site)Today’s long run is 6 miles.  And I will absolutely get it done.  As soon as it warms up a little.  I am going to head out to the park where I did most of my training runs last year.

In other news, we made it to Costco yesterday and I forgot one of the 3 actual things I went there for.  Contact lens solution.  So I guess I will be going back.

And I have a 20% off EVERYTHING coupon for Ulta.  These only come out a couple of times a year and you have to take advantage of them.  Since most of the time, the coupons exclude “prestige cosmetics.”

Decisions, Decisions.  Those are Urban Decay, in case you were wondering.

What races are you training for right now?Any fun, non-Easter plans this weekend?

Weekend Recap


Friday started out pretty slow.  And since I still had (have) Sticky-Fingers Bars in the fridge, I didn’t want to bake anything too sweet.  So I opted for a classic Sour Cream Coffee Cake.  You can find it here.

This is Annabelle.  After she pitched a fit last night because she wasn’t in the yard when it was being mowed, she decided to find herself a treat. She came out of the other room with her entire face covered in cat litter.  She is “the poo eater.”

Saturday I decided not to force a long run and just hit the gym.  You can read it here.


And at the same time that Annabelle was satisfying her sweet tooth, this was happening.  Lucie has a thing for baskets.  Not sure what this one us doing.

Sunday, you will see that it may not have been long, but there was a run on Saturday after all!  And that I was excited to hit up the sale at Ulta.  I did NOT go to Old Navy. You can read it here.

Today will be quiet.  Some work to get done and maybe a Spanish lesson. More cleaning.  The week ahead looks warm and I am even going to try and give the dogs a bath this week.  Thought ought to make for some comedy on the blog.

Sloth Sunday and Randomness :: 21 Days of Beauty - Events and Beauty StealsRemember my Long Run Saturday post?  I said I wasn’t feeling the running thing.  Well, I got to the gym and decidedto give it a go.  And ended up running an easy 6 miles.  Plus another mile with the dogs (walked) when I got home.  Isn’t it funny how some days are like that?  It felt great and I was happy with the run.

Today is Sloth Sunday except for one thing…….SALE at ULTA!!!  I have the Natural Eye Palette from Too Faced and LOVE it.  So of course I am going back for the Naked palette.  And then there are t-shirts on sale at Old Navy.  In the same shopping plaza as Ulta.  I am glad I got the big Costco run done yesterday.  Because then I can just relax for the rest of the afternoon/evening.

Does anyone else have those odd hairspray spots on their bathroom walls?  The ones even a Magic Eraser doesn’t get out. Well, it turns out fabric softener is the solution!  What I read online suggested using liquid fabric softener mixed with water.  But I only had dryer sheets.  So I just ran one of those under the faucet and used it on the wall gently, just like the Magic Eraser.  A DEFINITE improvement with no painting.