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Long Run Saturday

imageIs going to have to be short run Saturday for a while.  I really want this IT Band issue cleared up and if that means lower mileage for a while, so be it.

I am making the apple muffins this morning.  Then off to the gym (it is almost 100 degrees already) and some errands.  Dbacks baseball tonight.  It is bobblehead night!

And just for fun, this is what it looks like when the dogs are working hard in my office.  Rough, rough life.

Long Run Saturday

Is probably going to turn into Long Run Sunday. Or not at all.  Priority for today: go talk to the gym people.  They are building a brand new gym just down the street.  I need to go score me a deal and get access pronto!

Also, I bought one of these last year (happy birthday to me) and I didn’t use it much (or at all) in NC.  But I am very excited to use it here in AZ.  I am pretty shaky on the thing, but getting better.  If only I could find my helmet.  There is a canal right around the corner!  I might have to go check it out anyway.

Mens 10k at 1:15 today!  Did you see the women yesterday?  Talk about a whole other gear.

Long Run Saturday and Motivation

Precor Treadmills at South Shore Athletic ClubI just don’t have my running mojo this week.  Where did it go?  Maybe if I went out on my long run, I would find it.  But I have no motivation to go.  A classic Catch-22.

I thought about heading to the gym and shooting for 10 miles.  Hopefully the spirit of  a couple of weeks ago would strike, when I did the 9 miles on the treadmill.  But it may be too easy to quit early at the gym.

The cookie dough from last night is in the fridge.  Would it be better to test a couple of cookies before my run?  Or use it as motivation for when I get back?

I have a couple of errands to run today and then dinner with good friends later.