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Daily Mood Alert and Food/Fitness: Wednesday, Nov 30


I am cracking open this bad boy today.  Yup, a Sugar Factory Lollipop.  My AWESOME sister was nice enough to send me some refills so I can stop hoarding these a la A & E.

It’s watermelon I think.  But who really cares. It’s all about the bling.

Mood:  Pretty good but bit bored.  Need to stop shopping for myself and start shopping for others.

Food:  I am ON TRACK AGAIN.  I skipped my afternoon snack cause I was out shopping for decorations.  Breakfast: coffee and granola bar.  Lunch: leftover turkey chili and carrots.  Dinner: Flank Steak, potatoes and veggie.  And I think I will crack open a bottle of red wine.  I have some room to play today.

Fitness:  I did 3miles on the elliptical. Tomorrow is a double workout with the trainer in the morning and a run in the evening.

Website Wednesday:

Pet adoption: Want a dog or cat? Adopt a pet on PetfinderIt is website Wednesday (and WIAW) and I have been so wrapped up in finding airfare and searching for an alarm clock, that I hadn’t really thought of a good website review.  Black Friday is over so there is no sense reviewing the Black Friday websites that had all the ads weeks ago.  And no one but me really cares that much about an alarm clock.

So what to do….

As you may have seen yesterday, we are acting as a sort of halfway house for two cats that were found by our neighbors.  They were being taken care of and living at a sort of rundown barn/shack type thing.  But the people that were living nearby are gone and the place is abandoned.  Anyway, we have the two kittens until they go to their new, permanent home this weekend.

Which got me to thinking about our pets and how we came to have them.  Cats tend to find us.  But the dogs were a different story.  PETFINDER!  I am officially banned from Petfinder by Michael since it is how we came to have 2 dogs.

Petfinder lets you search your area by type of pet you want to adopt, breed, gender, age, any or all of the above.  Local shelters, foster programs and rescue groups will post their available pets there along with history, photo’s, contact info, etc.  It is how I found Annabelle and how I found Solo.

If you have room in your home, and heart, for a pet and are looking to adopt, this is a great resource for narrowing down your search.  I always advocate adopting an older pet if you can, since the small, young, cute ones are always the first to go.  Shelters and foster programs are bursting at the seams right now with pets that were surrendered due to job loss, the economy, etc.  If you have the resources, please consider adopting a new family member this holiday season.

That is my public service announcement.

Daily Mood Alert and Food/Fitness: Tues Nov 29

Today was a decent day.  I stayed on track and kept it together.

These two are using us as a halfway house until they go to their new, permanent home this weekend.  They are very sweet and I am happy we could help.

Food:  Stayed TOTALLY on track.  I even had over 700 calories left over for the day so I swapped broccoli for GB Casserole and added a glass (or two) of wine!  So, breakfast was coffee and a granola bar.  I made one egg after the gym.  Lunch was leftover Turkey Chili and some carrots.  And then I had an apple.  Dinner was chicken with sweet potato and gb casserole.  Plus 2 small glasses of white wine.

Fitness:  Trainer was still out of town so I ended up running 4 miles today.

Watching hockey tonight and will go check on the boarders at the next intermission.


Travel Tuesday: Finding Airfare

Yahoo! Travel - Cheap flights, hotels, travel guides & car rentalIt is fitting that I used Tuesday’s to talk about all things Travel.  It is the day that airfare deals come out.

I have been looking, multiple times a day, for weeks, for airfare to Phoenix at Christmas.  Airlines can (and do) change airfares multiple times a day.  But Tuesday is the day they release any “sales.”  So I have been looking and hoping for a deal.

No such luck.  We are getting to the 3 week window and still fares have not come down.  Yahoo (my go-to site), Expedia, Kayak, Southwest, nada.  So I am going to have to bite the bullet.

Given that I am already going to pay through the nose (do we all remember cross country for $200?), I might as well chose the airport closest to me. Wish me luck.  I can only hold out another day or so.

Daily Mood Alert and Food/Fitness: Monday, Nov 28

Today was almost a GREAT day.  It was a good.  I did almost nothing for most of the day and then was busy busy from 4-6.  I am in search of a new alarm clock and it is amazing how much time I can waste looking for alarm clocks.  I made turkey chili.

Food:  I had oatmeal with an apple for breakfast, TJ’s taquitos with salsa for lunch, animal crack snack mix, and turkey chili for dinner!

Fitness: I tried day 1 of my new training plan.  I had me doing intervals at half marathon pace, 10k pace and 5k pace, with some recovery in between. It worked out to 5.25 miles in just under an hour.  I am keeping the paces conservative for now as the plan itself is higher mileage than I am used to and I want to be sure I can handle the increase.