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Daily Mood Alert and Food/Fitness: Wed, Feb 29

www.toothpastefordinner.comHappy Leap Year Day.  It is actually my cousins birthday.  Poor guy.

Daily Mood:  Fed Up.  With the barking, the whining (both the dog) and the texting telling me to do a “rubbing” of the back of the broken patio table tile.  There is nothing on there except for “Made in Mexico”, which I don’t need a transfer rub to read.  Whatever.  It can wait.

It is a rainy, soggy day.  And the dogs don’t seem to understand that I don’t control the weather.  Lay down and be quiet. There is nothing I can do.

Otherwise, I watched Biggest Loser, Teen Mom 2 Reunion (don’t pretend you don’t watch) and Celebrity Apprentice.  Later, I will move on to RHOOC

Food:  Breakfast was a protein bar and coffee.  Then I had an orange and a banana.  Lunch was my normal egg beaters, english muffin and turkey sausage.  Then I had some carrots and a nectarine.  And 2 Squirrel Nut Zippers.  Anyone else remember this wonderful candy?  Dinner will be flank steak, sweet potato, broccoli and wine.  And then maybe an apple.

Fitness:  I stupidly agreed to a 7am training session with Bryan.  I can’t be up AND eat that early so no fuel for the workout.  I don’t think it went too badly, but it was all on the basketball court.  He started with suicides and jumping jacks.  Then it was a lot of work with gliders.  Look them up if you are not familiar.  Lunges, squats, pushups, hamstring curls, hand walks (front and back) and then some free weight stuff.  I am tired (and sore) just typing it all out.

What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW)

My What I Ate post.  And you get to join in on the fun.  Just click on the button to take you to the site and see what others are having.  Or add your own!  It will be Tuesday’s food.  Enjoy.

Breakfast: coffee and protein bar.

Lunch: Potstickers, nectarine, carrots.

Snack: animal cracker snack mix, apple.

Dinner: pork chop, tzatziki sauce and rutabaga.

Snack: Trail Mix bar.

Travel Tuesday: How to Fly


Some of you may remember that I started having shoulder trouble over Christmas.  After appointments, pain and xrays, it was diagnosed as arthritis (at my age??) in my neck that is bothering a nerve which is then causing muscle spasms in my shoulder.  So…..

I received instructions like, don’t like down.  Elevate my computer.  Posture.  Meds.  Stretching.  Etc.  And I just got back from another plan trip and guess what?  Yup, bothering me again.

So the question is now how to ride on a plane for 4-5 hours, not go crazy, and NOT LOOK DOWN the entire time to read or watch a movie?  I really do think it is the angle of looking down at a book (I did try to hold it up more) or down at the computer to watch a movie.

So…..I can no longer fly except on planes that have the in-seat entertainment systems at eye level.  Especially those that have DirectTv so I can kill time watching HGTV and Bravo.  Hahaha.  I am so demanding. That boils down to I can’t go anywhere unless JetBlue flies there. Or I luck out on Delta with an old Song plane.


Movie Review Monday: The Ides of March

The Ides of March (2011) - IMDbI downloaded this to watch on the plane on the way out to Phoenix.  Maybe not the best viewing conditions, but we did just fine.

From IMDB:  Stephen Meyers is an idealist who’s brilliant at communications: he’s second in command of Governor Mike Morris’s presidential campaign, and he’s a true believer. In the middle of the Ohio primary, the campaign manager of Morris’s opponent asks Meyers to meet: he offers him a job. At the same time, Morris’s negotiations for the endorsement of the man in third place, a North Carolina Senator, hit a snag. A young campaign intern, Molly Stearns, gets Stephen’s romantic attention. Republicans have a trick up their sleeves, Stephen may be too trusting, and Molly has a secret. What’s most important: career, victory, or virtue? Written by <>

I did enjoy the movie, but it wasn’t new.  I am not sure this was much different from Primary Colors.  It is a story of a political campaign, the pitfalls of politics and just how quickly one will cross the line, even for the right cause or candidate.   Another story of how politics corrupts and how no candidate is exactly as good as they seem.  A great cast and nice performances, but they can’t really overcome the overdone story material.

My rating: Somewhere between 2 and 3 Gummies

Regarding: Homecomings

NO one greats you at the door like a dog.  Especially at 1am.  But I will say that even Solo mustered his ass off the couch to greet me when I got home.

Home sweet home.  I got in late, was up early and managed to unpack, do the laundry, clean the fridge, put the dishes away and redecorate (partially) for spring.  Now I am sitting down.

If you want to read about my weekend in Phoenix you can find it here.  You can find the race recap here.

I am still in a good place about the race.  My goals were not met and yet I refuse to beat myself up.  Some days (and runs) just don’t go right.  So be it.

Movie Review Monday coming later.  What did everyone think of the Academy Awards?  I was on the plane but saw the winner list. No real surprises actually.