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Wednesday: Uninspiring

There is just not that much to say about Wednesday.  I ran and it was uninspiring.  I wanted to call it short but I kept going and did the whole run.  Saw 4 bunnies (saw 7 when I was on my bike Monday).

Run: 6miles / 1:09:12

The meals were even less inspiring.  Coffee and a protein bar.  Carrots.  An apple.

Turkey burger with guac and veggie sticks.  A nectarine.

Dinner was 1/2 of a Chicken Avocado Cobb salad with no cheese and ranch dressing.  It was GOOD.   And the perfect size.  When I got home from Girls Night Out (also uninspiring to be honest), I had some snack mix.  The company for dinner and RRS was good.

Thurs is our wedding anniversary.  15 years.  I can’t believe it has been that long.  We are heading to Vegas for the weekend. It will be our first time driving by ourselves.  Very exciting.  And I just love to sleep in a car.   I will try to check in at some point!  I am looking forward to sleeping and sitting by the pool.

See, I told you it was uninspiring.