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Regarding: Earthquakes

As many of you have heard by now, we experienced an earthquake here on the East coast.  I am in NC so we felt it pretty strongly, about an hour and a half south of the epicenter.  When the shaking started, I jumped my ass off the couch trying to figure out what was going on.  Running to the windows, in hindsight, was not at all a bright move.  But we don’t automatically think earthquake here.

The dogs and cats were NO help at all.  Not a single twitch, tingle or warning sign from them.  I did think gas leak or explosion at one point, but with no disgusting smell around, ruled that out.  Being the internet savvy person I am, I immediately jumped on the computer and typed in “national earthquake” and got to the right place to tell me that it had been in VA.

Then the texts and instant messages and emails started.  My husband tried to tell me I had felt some blasting work they were doing near his job, 10 miles or so away.  Baby, I love you, but NO.  There has been an earthquake. I don’t think roadwork down the street would have shook the house for 20+ seconds.

It was the big excitement of the day around here.  And I must have missed a memo on the desalinization of the oceans or the North Atlantic Current shifting or the Mayan calendar or something, cause now Hurricane Irene is coming.

A Warning would have killed you???

Really, I thought animals were supposed to be so in-tuned with the earth, the weather, and changes in such things.  At about 1:50 this afternoon, my ass was shaken off the couch by a 5.9 magnitude earthquake up in VA.  I immediately thought storm or tornado, but there were sunny skies and no wind.  I ran to the windows (smart, I know, but we don’t think earthquake in NC) and there was nothing going on outside.  The shaking eventually stopped and when I looked around, everyone was right where I had left them.  Sleeping on the couch, in the chair and under the table.

A warning would have killed you?  Is it out of the question to think you would be as concerned for my safety as I am for yous?  I mean, really!  I jumped on the internet and immediately confirmed the earthquake between Charlottesville and Richmond.  Aftershocks are possible.  And still, the animals are sleeping.