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Daily Mood Alert and Food/Fitness: Wed, Dec 14

This morning started out with baking Magic Bars for yet another library party.  And then the gym and a meeting.  The afternoon was FULL of errands.  But I only have ONE gift left to buy.  WAHOO!  I even squeezed in getting my car cleaned.

Food:  Breakfast was a granola bar.  Lunch was egg beaters, an english muffin and turkey sausage.  I had a few carrots in there somewhere.  Then I went out.  And I ate some gummy bears.  Dinner was Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken with Vegetable Fried Rice.  But in the middle I had some mini-peanut butter cups, a couple of broken magic bars and some peanut butter.  Oops.  I should have brought a snack on the errands with me.

And tonight has been hijacked with this:

IAA 2011

We somehow ended up with sneak preview tickets to the new Mission Impossible movie. I am not a huge fan of the movies, but the popcorn is a different story!  So I put HALF of my dinner away in anticipation of the popcorn.

Fitness:  I did 1 HOUR of intervals on the elliptical.  And then some stretching.

Regarding: Success!!!

Here is my Trader Joe’s loot!  And it dawned on me, like some sort of delayed epiphany, that I make this trip once a month.  So I can hit up TJ’s once a month!

The bags hold:  trail mix, orange chicken, mini taco’s, meatloaf muffins, flat iron steaks, scones, naan, hummus, some sort of lemon tarte and various other things.  I am so excited.

Tonight is the glow in the dark 5k!  Race report later.

Daily Mood Alert: Thurs, Sept 15 and Trader Joe’s!!!

Trader Joes Tempe AZSo you have to know how excited I am.  I have to head to Durham tomorrow for an appt.  And that puts me right through Chapel Hill.  Which has a Trader Joe’s.  I CAN’T WAIT!!!  It is not that long of a ride so a cooler might not really be necessary, but I will bring it anyway just in case.

In fact, I need to go eat a crumpet so I know if I should buy more.

Now here is the Daily Mood for today.  It was another good and productive day.  I feel good about today. I did an “easy walk” this morning since we have a 5k tomorrow night.  And just got back from the gym where I did some elliptical and weights.

I want some cereal.  I must be channeling Janae!

Regarding: TJ’s and Ikea

It was a tough call, what to do today.  And once I realized that there was TWELVE STRAIGHT HOURS OF HOUSE HUNTERS on, it got even harder.  But that is what the DVR is for!  And I actually got excited about the idea of watching the House Hunters all week while I eat my lunch.  So off we went to Trader Joe’s and Ikea in Charlotte.

Trader Joes Tempe AZI didn’t get to take my own pictures because I was SO excited to be there that I forgot.  The same was true when we got to Ikea (and it was raining when we came out). Traders Joe’s was exciting for the Cinnamon crumpets, the Cinnamon scones (see a pattern), the trail mixes, mini peanut butter cups. I wandered around so long Michael thought I was done and waiting outside.  I saw Two Buck Chuck.  And Corn Salsa.  And yummy desserts and pizza.  I could go on and on.  We need to go back with a cooler.

IIKEA Logo in Blue and Yellow on Storekea was a bust in regards to finding a desk (I am assured one will be bought by the end of the week).  But I did find neat drawer inserts for my Expedit bookcase and a new hardboiled egg slicer.

We can thank what is left of Tropical Storm Lee for a very SLOW drive home.  And the forecasts say the weather will suck here for at least the next 24 hours, so I am curled up with a Stella and House Hunters/US Open Tennis.

Can Labor Day last a few more days?

Oh, and I did run 3 miles and do leg presses, calf raises and hamstring curls at the gym before we went!