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Saturday: McDowell Mountain Frenzy

IMG_0321This morning was the Aravaipa Running McDowell Mountain Frenzy 5 mile trail race.  This was organized by the same group I volunteered for last month.  You can read that one here.  But this time, I punched my ticket to run.

The options were: 5 Mile, 10 Mile, 25 K, 50 K and 50 Mile.  Uh yea, sign me up for the 5 mile.  And thanks for extending it from the usual 5k to 5 miles, that actually turned out to be about 5.3 miles.  That last mile over the mountain was AWESOME.

In fact, the first mile and half or so felt mostly great.  I had a hard time controlling my breathing.  I am not really sure why. But the first half or so passed by with little ill effects.  Then there was a water stop.  A HARD climb up, the photo op (thanks NICK for the warning that the photo was coming) and then some flat.  Unfortunately, I had looked at the elevation profile BEFORE the race and knew that right after mile 4 came the BIG climb.

IMG_0320And then I could see it.  And see my sister climbing up it.  And I said OH GOOD GOD.  Out loud.  To no one.  Because I was alone.  I didn’t say last.  I said alone.

But the climb wasn’t really as bad as it seemed. Except that the top 3 10 milers passed me going UP the mountain.  I did everything I could to get out of their way.  And then there was a fun downhill, up one more little ridge and on to the finish.

Thanks again to Nick and Jamil for putting on a great event.  It was well organized, went off on time and the trails were VERY marked well.  If I could follow them, most anyone could.  Follow the blue signs and the black and orange polka dot ribbons.  No trouble at all.

Yes, Jamil, I shook my fists at you.  But I would never hurt you.  Or curse you.  Not out loud anyway.

This one took more out of me than I was expecting.  Although with only 3 trail runs under my belt since we have been in Phoenix, what could I expect really?  I will definitely punch my ticket for another short trail race.  And I would love to volunteer next year and see some of the 50K and 50 mile runners later in the day.


Friday: Improvement

Image 11-13-12 at 5.02 PMFirst, did Jack really kill Chapell?  Really?  I only have like 3 episodes left.  I will try to finish Season 3 up next week.

Saturday brings a 5 mile trail race so Friday was a bike day.  But not a hard ride.    The ride was about 8 miles round trip and since the Garmin was dead, I have no idea how long it actually took.   It felt GREAT on the way there, only to realize that it was mostly downhill the whole way out.  The ride back was a bit harder.

I actually rode to Lowes to get more paint chips for yet another calendar.  Yup, I am going seasonal!  Out with fall and in with winter.  Pictures coming once I actually put it together.

And then I have at least two other projects on the radar screen!  Damn Pinterest is keeping me busy.

I read Adam’s blog at TheBoringRunner and he is a kick.  He is also a running coach and has a new app available.  If anyone is looking for a virtual coach / training plan, check him out. Virtual Run Coach

What is on the schedule for your weekend?  I have the trail race and then Cookie Day.  Sunday may include a movie.

Saturday: Decisions

Some things can not be overcome with determination and a positive attitude.It became apparent as Saturday went along that the Sunday race was not going to be possible.  Every once in a while, my leg would jerk uncontrollably like a puppet on a sting.  It is just some serious quad and glute muscle soreness.  So be it.

Sister and Husband are still running the Fiesta Bowl Half and that means that BIL and I get to be Sherpas, Cheer Zone and breakfast buds!  WAHOO!

I still have a 6 mile trail run planned for Sunday, once DH is carefully deposited on the couch and in a coma, and the 5 mile trail race next weekend.  The McDowell Mountain Frenzy.

Damn the CrossFit.  I will see you on Tuesday.

Monday and Tuesday: Ouch

Wow, thanks for all of the comments on Tuesday.  I have to admit that I was hesitant to talk about paying myself for cleaning.  That it would seem silly.  But it seems to have been quite the topic. As I replied to some of the comments, I don’t pay myself every week if there has been recreational shopping or even the same amount every week. But it works for me.

Monday I hit the Desert Classic trails for another 5 mile run.  It was FUN, I saw a coyote and didn’t fall down.  Although I tried a couple of times.  And because that wasn’t enough wear and tear on my legs, I decided to do an at-home Crossfit workout Monday night, thanks to Jess at the Blond Ponytail.  It went like this:

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1, Burpees, Squats, Pushups, Situps.  So 10 of each, then 9 of each, 8 of each, and so on and so on.  Um, OUCH!  It is a workout for time and I did it in 17:10.

Run: 5 miles Trail / 1:08

Because of Monday’s double-time, Tuesday was a day of walking the dogs and not much else.

I did sign up for my 5mile Trail Run!  The McDowell Mountain Frenzy.  I am VERY excited.

Food over the past couple of days is nothing exciting.  Part of a muffin, cream of wheat, egg beaters, a steak, some leftovers, I got my first red cup from Starbucks.  Nothing too exciting.

I cheated myself on the muffin.  A bad cut job left one BIG half and a skinny, little half.

What is your next race?