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Sunday: Results!

IMG_0306Congrats to Krista and Michael for their great results at the Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon!  All goals were met.  I am very proud.

While they were out doing that, I was eating breakfast and hanging out with my BIL. When I tried to go out and run my 6 miles on the trails, my right quad said HELL NO!  So I scooped Michael off the couch and we went and walked around the arts fair instead.

I am hoping to be back out logging some miles on Monday!

How was your weekend?

Saturday: Decisions

Some things can not be overcome with determination and a positive attitude.It became apparent as Saturday went along that the Sunday race was not going to be possible.  Every once in a while, my leg would jerk uncontrollably like a puppet on a sting.  It is just some serious quad and glute muscle soreness.  So be it.

Sister and Husband are still running the Fiesta Bowl Half and that means that BIL and I get to be Sherpas, Cheer Zone and breakfast buds!  WAHOO!

I still have a 6 mile trail run planned for Sunday, once DH is carefully deposited on the couch and in a coma, and the 5 mile trail race next weekend.  The McDowell Mountain Frenzy.

Damn the CrossFit.  I will see you on Tuesday.

Friday: Dedication

IMG_0242Friday was a “rest” day and I take those VERY seriously right now.  After CrossFit on Thursday, my legs were not working right.  So when the alarm went off of this guy wanted to stay in bed, I said OK!

I have been walked around my house in circles all day, trying to keep my legs loose.  Sitting down spelled trouble.  The worst muscle soreness, for me, is always 36 hours after a hard workout.  Saturday morning should be the worst of it. I could be found in the hot tub at the gym.   And then I can decide by Sat afternoon about the race.

It is the Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon.  I have my form all filled out and the $$ ready.  It will depend on the legs.

What are your weekend plans?  Anyone racing this weekend?