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Regarding: Kittens and Kiwanian’s…

Tonight is volunteer night for me at PetsMart.  I hear we have a few new kittens so I am looking forward to meeting them.  It is also baseball night at the Greensboro Grasshoppers with Michaels’ Kiwanis Club. So I will get there late (save me a hot dog), after I do the cats at PetsMart. 

Today was a bit dull.  I tried to use a Groupon at GNC (no luck yet), bought some new dogs toys (lasted about an hour and now have been taken away).  And had my weekly session with Victor, my torture personal trainer.  He beat on my legs for an hour and it was GREAT.  Any excuse to wear my pink compression socks. 



I had some PB Toast (no pic needed)

a huge salad with chicken and ranch dressing for lunch and a few crackers on the side ( I am still staring at the nectarine, snack for later)







and my awesome snack mix





I also eat about a pound of baby carrots a day.  No exaggeration.  No telling what dinner will be really.  Whatever is left at the baseball game when I get there.  I will have to think of something more exciting to post tomorrow. 

Regarding: Bake Sales

I would ROCK at bake sales.  Too bad I don’t have any kids, or belong to a church, or a civic club.  I do volunteer at the adoption center at PetsMart.  But whatever.  That is a different blog. I LOVE to bake.  I love the baking more than the eating.  And with only two of us in the house, most recipes make WAY more than we can get through before it goes stale or bad.  So I have started to pawn my baked goods off on a variety of draftee’s.  First, it was the Wed night bowling league.  Then it because the Kiwanis Garden group.  And now, I have started bringing them to my personal trainer at the gym (talk about a BAD influence).

From this point on, starting now, I will begin to post the recipes and photo’s of whatever I have baked.  I almost always get my recipes from other blogs or websites and will be happy (and obligated) to share those links with you as well.  Happy Baking!

PS:  The photo is the INCREDIBLE Frozen Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie that I made recently.  Yes, even before I started blogging I took pictures of the food.  There is an EVEN BETTER Chocolate Peanut Butter Torte. When I make that one again, I will be sure to take pictures and share.