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Daily Mood: Fri, Sept 9

Let’s here it for the WEEKEND!!!!

New Feature: Daily Mood Alert Wed 9/7

I was going to do this as a Featured Product, but thought it would be more fun as a new daily feature on the blog instead.  If you want to find the product, it is made by the same person as the Random Dawdle reviewed here.

Everyday, when he gets home, Michael asks me about my day.  This is very sweet, but he feels like I don’t really answer him.  I am a project manager that works from home full time.  It is NOT exciting stuff.  I go to the gym, run a couple of errands, blog, work, eat, take care of the dogs.  But I thought this product could be helpful.  I will fill it out everyday, towards the end of the day, and post it near the front door.  And I will post it here.

Sometimes they will be serious, but more likely not.  Feel free to comment about my mood, your own, someone else’s, whatever.  Just enjoy it and except for those “special” days, don’t take it too seriously!