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Thursday: Locked Up Abroad

It was another happy, productive day!  I don’t know if it was the Starbucks K-Cup, switching back to my GNC vitamins, or some combination of both, but I was WIRED on Thursday.  I was doing laundry, doing the winter decorating, working, cleaning. all at the same time.

And in all of that madness, THIS cat (Pumpkin) got locked in the coffee table.  I laughed.  It was much funnier than it sounds.  I only had the thing open for like  2 minutes.  How did her exceptionally round (and slow) ass get by me? But you have read about her.  Nothing ruins her mood.  She came out purring.

Crossfit: Bar squats, lunges, kettlebell squats, swings, press and jerk and Russian twists.  OUCH.  I didn’t even make it through all of the lunges.

I stayed on track with food. In fact, I have been on track since Monday.  My wired-self missed breakfast except for the coffee so I went straight to lunch.  Chicken and a sweet potato.  Then I had a trail mix bar before CrossFit.  And 3 beef taquito’s with salsa and Mich Ulta.

Sometime Fri or Sat, I have to decide about the half marathon on Sunday.  Let see how the legs feel after that CrossFit workout.

Wednesday: Odds and Shine - My early condolences on not winning the lottery later tonight.You can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket!

Another double run complete!  CrossFit made my legs sore, but I still managed to get both runs in Wednesday.  Neither was especially speedy, but I am after miles right now and not speed.  I am actually thinking about taking Thursday morning off and then heading to CrossFit later in the day.

Run:  5 miles / 57:56

Run: 4 miles / 46:42

When we were back in NC, we got sucked into Moonshiners on The Discovery Channel.  I know, this is the second season, but we are catching up fast.  Maybe it is because we lived in that same general area for so long, but this show is REALLY funny.  And Michael and I are going to be Tim and Tickle next Halloween.  I mean come on, who doesn’t love Tim and Tickle?

Here is a just a little from the link above:

Deep in Appalachia, where many shiners live, there are some areas where more sugar is sold than local residents could consume on their own. The main ingredients in moonshine “mash” are water, sugar, corn and yeast. It’s also no accident moonshine season is from June to October – the height of the corn harvest and the peak of foliage to hide the illegal operations.

Try to catch it if you haven’t seen it yet!

Tuesday: Who knew - I do Crossfit and bake cookies.

That my hanging power cleans were so good!  My HSPU’s, not so much.  But I tried.

And none of that Paleo stuff.  Cavemen didn’t live any longer and they weren’t any happier.

I went back to CrossFit Tues night. I had a Living Social deal at CrossFit Full Strength and there was a Crossfit 101 class that sounded like my speed.  Thank you to Coach Emily at CrossFit Full Strength for working with me!  I will be back on Thurs.

Bike:  6 miles/30 minutes

Crossfit 101

Nothing too exciting to report on the rest of the day.  Except, who the !@#$% is voting on The Voice that they sent Cody home?  Really people…

I had a protein bar for breakfast, french onion soup and veggie straws for lunch and a pork chop and broccoli for dinner.  Then I had a scoop of my snack mix.  And a glass (5 ounces) of wine.

Monday: Sadness in Ounces

INSPIRATIONAL PHOTO OF THE DAYSomething I need to remind myself about daily.My plan for this week goes as follows:

Mon: Run x 2 / Tues: Bike and Crossfit / Wed: Run x 2 / Thurs: Bike and Crossfit / Fri: Run

I might take Sat AND Sun off.  So Monday was my first run(s) since before the holiday.  I was out BEFORE the sun came up and I have to say it was a bit freaky.  And DARK.  Being on the canal in the dark was odd.  But I will do it again.  Oh, and I saw my Owl again!  I assume it is the same owl but who really knows.  He (she) was so gorgeous, just sitting on a power line along the canal.  That alone was worth the early run.

Run: 5 miles / 55:55

Run: 4 miles / 45:50

I also started tracking my food again today.  It is harder, compensating for the double runs without going too far.  But something is off if I am doing all of this exercise and can’t seem to shed a few lbs.  And the fastest way to figure out where I am going wrong is to track everything.

In that spirit, I even measured out my wine for dinner.  And this is what 5 ounces looks like.  It made me very sad to see.  As J pointed out, I need a smaller glass to make the portion look bigger.  Just like smaller jeans make my ass look bigger.

Holiday Weekend

Our holiday weekend was good and we hope yours was as well.  We spent time with family and friends.  Had great weather and smooth travel.  And celebrated a birthday.  What more can you ask for?

There was no running, no real shopping, lots of eating but not much going on in the Thanksgiving food department.  I was able to squeeze in wings, pizza and Mexican. Good thing I brought track pants with me.  And the longest line I did see all weekend was for Starbucks in the Atlanta airport.

This coming week brings more double-runs, a restart with Crossfit, and Michael’s half marathon.  To be honest, I am still considering toeing the line myself.  I will decide that later in the week.

Some shots of the weekend.