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Daily Mood Alert and Food/Fitness: Thurs, May 24 - Please give me an excuse to avoid the gym todayMood could be improved.  I just feel antsy.

Food:  Breakfast was coffee and a piece of coffee cake.  Lunch was tacquito’s, chips and salsa.  Then I had some snack mix and some carrots.  Dinner will be chicken and either rice or noodles.  And maybe some wine.

Fitness:  I went to the gym this morning with the intention of doing speedwork.  IT Band said NO WAY.  So then I got on the elliptical and got about 2 miles into a workout when a woman got on the machine next to me after apparently bathing in scented lotions and perfumes.  I left the elliptical with my nose stuffy and eyes watering.  So I stretched, did some foam rolling and was done. But now Michael wants to go to the gym tonight.  And I said OK, being supportive wife that I am.

So not only am I NOT avoiding the gym, I am going twice.  WAHOO!

Daily Mood Alert and Food/Fitness: Wed, May 23 - Here's to the Yankees and Red Sox making their historic rivalry a battle for last place.At least we are in it together.

AAAHHHHH!  I forgot about WIAW.  Oh well.  There was nothing at all interesting about what I ate yesterday.

Mood: Today is good.  Got through my work presentation.  Got prepped for tomorrow’s meetings.  And am playing tennis tonight, if the rain holds off.

Food:  I had 2 Greek twisty cookies and coffee for breakfast.  I had a turkey burger with guacamole and sweet potato fries for lunch.  With some ranch dressing for dipping.  And then the snacking began.  Choc chip cookies.  Carrots.  Snack mix .  Ugh.

Fitness:  I ran 3 miles this morning and have tennis tonight.  I will need ALL of that activity to make up for the snacking.  But we will eat after as well.

Daily Mood Alert and Food/Fitness: Mon, May 21 - I love you like a pig loves not being bacon.This was just cute.

The mood is good today, but it is likely to go downhill fast.  More on that later.

Food:  I had a protein bar for breakfast.  With coffee of course.  Leftover chicken salad, some chips and carrots for lunch.  A trail mix bar and an apple as snacks.  Tonight I am firing up the grill for a steak and a sweet potato.  Maybe some wine.  Or a beer.  Depends on how bad the mood gets.

Fitness:  I walked 4 miles.  After a weekend of crappy eating, I didn’t have it in me to run.  So I walked. Someone once said there are no such thing as junk miles.  I hope she still means it.

Daily Mood Alert and Food/Fitness: Thurs, May 17

I know this is coming out a little late, but so what.

Mood:  Started out good.  I lost energy around dinnertime.  Then rallied and it has improved again.  I have ACTUAL work to do for a change.  And I was a baking fool today.  I got through a coffee cake and peanut butter brownies.  And then made the chili (see below).

Food:  Breakfast was coffee and a trail mix bar.  Lunch was LATE and was 3 thin-sliced pork chops and a sweet potato.  Then I made Turkey Chili for dinner.  With a few chips.  And a brownie.  Ok, there was a small piece of Crack Bark, for quality control purposes.

Fitness: This morning I ran 6 miles outside.  I didn’t hit my “pace” but I was able to pick it up quite a bit for the last 1.5 miles.  And we just walked (casually) 2 miles around the neighborhood.  I am TIRED.  And sore.  The walk was to try and work out some of my soreness from yesterday’s trainer session.  It didn’t really work.

Daily Mood Alert and Food/Fitness: Wed, May 16

Mood: It has been a GOOD day.  And it is just going to get better.  I was actually assigned some work today and it is short term, but should be fun.

Food:  Protein bar and coffee for breakfast.  Smoothie.  Egg beaters and english muffin for lunch.  Carrots.  Strawberries.  Wings and Beer for dinner!

Fitness:  Session with Bryan this morning.  And while this is NO big example of upper body strength, I managed to do 30 REAL pushups this morning.  And that is unbelievable progress for me.  No knees.  REAL pushups!

And the picture, just for fun, is a toad we saw in St Lucia.  This guy had some MEAT to him!