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Daily Mood Alert and Food/Fitness: Mon, Jan 9


Well, considering an intense lack of sleep, today wasn’t too bad. I got some work done, had an eye dr appt and hit up the bank and the gas station.

It wasn’t too bad except for this guy pissing me off.  He couldn’t just eat the birdseed. He was chewing the metal.  CHEWING the metal.  I was incredibly lucky that the dogs didn’t see this going on as they were laying at my feet when I took the pictures.

Food:  Breakfast was a slice of coffee cake and coffee.  Lunch was leftover Chicken Tortilla Soup and chips.  Some carrots.  And an orange.  I hit up Starbucks on my way to the eye doctor for a Peppermint Mocha.  And then Michael wanted to go to Smokey Bones for dinner.  I didn’t make the best choices there.

Fitness:  I continued my run outside/less treadmill running streak by running 4 miles through my hilly neighborhood in the cold mist.  I did the first 3 miles fast-ish and then picked up the dogs for the last mile.  We went to the gym but it was so crowded with NEWBIES that we eventually gave up and went to dinner.  Thank god I had done the 4 miles this morning.

Regarding: The Dalton

It is Ice Road Squirrels out there.

I have mentioned before that we have a black walnut tree in the yard that the squirrels are quite fond of.  They send walnut shells down like green rain and even take a shot at the dogs with a walnut once in a while.

Well, the Walnut Road (Ice Road) is open.  The squirrels use the fence at the back of our yard to transport their nuts (OUR nuts, thieves) back and forth to wherever.  When the dogs threaten their route, they drop down behind the fence and run on the ground instead.  It INFURIATES the dogs.

Once in a while, a stupid squirrel (who are we kidding, they are all stupid) will venture into the open yard, up in the middle.  We wiggle the doorknob, bang on the window to give the squirrels some warning and then we UNLEASH THE HOUNDS.  I find it more than slightly amusing to watch the squirrels run for their lives.  They always take the longest route possible to the fence, reinforcing the whole all squirrels are stupid theory.  And then they run across the top.  One of these days, one of them is going to fall off.  Drop down, dumbass.


It is that time of year and the squirrels have discovered the bounty of the black walnut tree in our backyard.  The run through the branches, eating nuts and flinging the shells into the backyard like a green rain.  Once in a while, they throw an actual nut just for fun.  At the dogs.  The other day, they almost hit Solo in the head.  Their aim is getting better.