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Friday: Blog News

Image 12-29-12 at 9.02 AM

Friday was spent in the house.  Except for my run. The hike on Wednesday was a bit hard on the knee, and I could feel its effect on my run Friday.  But run I did.   I LOVED my new New Balance top (thanks Sis!) with the thumb holes and the leggings/tights I received in my PB Body box.

Run: 3 Miles / 31:34

BIG BLOG NEWS!  I am moving to my own domain name and a self-hosted site.  It is mostly setup and things went fairly smoothly.  I am attempting to have WordPress move my subscribers, but if you could have some heart and go to the new site, I will love you forever.  Just in case.


You are awesome, thank you.

So that was how I spent most of Friday.  Working on the blog move.  And lets be honest, playing Bejeweled Blitz.  Then I made delicious Jambalaya.  And there was a request for brownies.  Which will also become Saturdays breakfast.

Regarding: MarsEdit 3


So I found a way to try MarsEdit for free before I pull the trigger on buying the software.  So here is my FIRST post using an actual blogging software.  I am not sure how long I get to “try before I buy” but I will do it as long as I can and then make my decision.  So far, so good.   Although pasting the thumbnail took a bit of work.

This is where I found the free trial version AND the version on CNET is one update later than what is in the App Store right now.

What blogging software do you use?

What kind of camera do you use?  How to you remember to take pictures and what tips would you have for taking better pictures?