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Thursday: Locked Up Abroad

It was another happy, productive day!  I don’t know if it was the Starbucks K-Cup, switching back to my GNC vitamins, or some combination of both, but I was WIRED on Thursday.  I was doing laundry, doing the winter decorating, working, cleaning. all at the same time.

And in all of that madness, THIS cat (Pumpkin) got locked in the coffee table.  I laughed.  It was much funnier than it sounds.  I only had the thing open for like  2 minutes.  How did her exceptionally round (and slow) ass get by me? But you have read about her.  Nothing ruins her mood.  She came out purring.

Crossfit: Bar squats, lunges, kettlebell squats, swings, press and jerk and Russian twists.  OUCH.  I didn’t even make it through all of the lunges.

I stayed on track with food. In fact, I have been on track since Monday.  My wired-self missed breakfast except for the coffee so I went straight to lunch.  Chicken and a sweet potato.  Then I had a trail mix bar before CrossFit.  And 3 beef taquito’s with salsa and Mich Ulta.

Sometime Fri or Sat, I have to decide about the half marathon on Sunday.  Let see how the legs feel after that CrossFit workout.

Tuesday: WWPD

Today was COLD at 6am.  I headed out early for my run and it felt ok.  Not great.  Not bad.  No walking.  I am trying to run 3 days straight this week, then a rest day on Friday and 11 on Saturday.

Run: 5 miles / 56:40ish

I write a lot on this blog about our dogs, Annabelle and Solo (Wag and Bark respectively).  But we also have 3 cats.  Hershey, Pumpkin and Lucie.  This is Pumpkin.  Pumpkin is the worlds happiest (and roundest) cat.  The goodwill ambassador for all cats, everywhere.  She has never met a stranger, loves everyone and is always purring.  Or licking.

Her story is this: she was young and in a cattery, being bred for petstore kittens.  Her “owner” died and all cats, plus Pumpkins’ 1-day old kittens, ended up at the shelter where my best friend (and DVM) found her and her babies.  She took them home so they wouldn’t be put down, kept the baby (one didn’t make it) and we got Pumpkin.

I believe that Pumpkin’s attitude is something akin to this: I am not in a cage, being gang raped for kittens.  So I’m good!  No reason to be anything but happy. She takes care of Lucie and we have only heard her hiss at a person once.  Michael did something and she hissed at him. We have no idea what he did.  But he managed to piss off the happiest cat in the world.  But only for a second.   She is so round that sometimes you can flip her on her back and she doesn’t know how to flip herself back over, like a beetle.  LOL!

There are days when my fuse is SHORT.  Non-existent even.  And I ask myself What Would Pumpkin Do (WWPD)?  She would purr, and smile, and roll over and lick (she is a licker).   So next time you are feeling upset, angry, cranky or short-fused, ask yourself, What Would Pumpkin Do?

Regarding: Enemies

That is what I plan to make today as I take all THREE cats to the vet.  At the same time.

Yes, it was my choice.  I would rather have one, condensed session of hatred than spread it out over the day.

But first, some sort of run.  Inside?  Outside?  Looks like outside might work for the first time this week.

It is time to take my bird feeders down.  I have used up all my birdseed.  But it figures that the hummingbirds pick now to start visiting.  Oh well.