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Regarding: Enough Already
Here is a random collection of thoughts…..

The SuperBowl is over.  Can we STOP talking about it already?  Move on.  Baseball season is just 2 weeks away and you can all start trash talking about that instead.  I love hearing Boston and NY fans talking about the baseball playoffs in Feb.  At least it is not football.

How many vitamins are too many? If my multivitamin contains 300mcg of Biotin and states that 300mcg is 100% of the DRV, do I really need to take a supplement with 3,000mcg?  Seems excessive.  Especially since carrots are high in biotin and everyone knows I eat my weight in carrots.

I do NOT want to workout today.  Especially with Bryan the trainer.  But I will.  Let’s hope it goes at least marginally well.

We are officially moving Valentine’s Day.  I am not a big fan of Valentine’s Day as a holiday, but Michael seems to want to acknowledge it.  And since it falls on a Tuesday this year (my volunteer night with the cats) we are moving it to Monday.

Michael finally decided what he wants to do for his birthday next week.  Cheesecake Factory and the hockey game.  Count me in!  I tried to get him on the Zamboni at the game but no go.  He will, however, see his name on the big scoreboard!

Regarding: Tempe and Tea

imageI feel like I have been out of touch.  I have been in Phoenix, celebrating the holidays with my family.

This morning, I dropped Michael off at the airport (I am staying a couple of extra days) and met up with my sister for a run.

This is Tempe Town Lake.  We ran once around the lake (also home to Ironman Arizona) and then I decided the car looked good after 5 miles while my sister got in one more mile.

imageThen it was back to the house to get cleaned up before shopping at Fashion Square and Waterfrong.  And then afternoon tea at the Phoenician!  I didn’t buy anything but the tea was wonderful. With little sandwiches, scones and dessert.

WIAW (Tuesday) should be interesting to explain since I don’t have pictures of anything but tea!

How did you spend your holiday?

Regarding: Halloween Tradition

My husband LOVES Halloween.  Has anyone spotted his Disney Haunted Mansion in the decorating pictures?  He carried that thing through the Magic Kingdom for hours.  Anyway, cancelling Halloween, as I might suggest, is not an option.  So we had to come up with a compromise.

The doorbell drives the dogs INSANE.  And I don’t particularly like handing out candy (or most kids).  So I have to be bribed.  Pretty easy to do.  The cost?  Pizza and Beer.

We setup a card table in the driveway and sit there with our candy, pizza and beer.  The doorbell never rings, the dogs stay (mostly) calm.  And I get to drink beer in the driveway, to the envy of all our (male) neighbors.

It works for us.

We had a guest with us as well.  The neighbors cat, Meow Meow, has decided that she likes our treats better than her own house.  I don’t even know if she is ever let inside her house.  Or given treats.  But she hung out with us for quite a while.  She is welcome anytime.  She is the Queen of the Cul de Sac.