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2012 Books

One New Years Resolution a few years ago that stuck was to read more. While I didn’t hit my 2011 total of 20, I did read 18 books in 2012. You can click any of these to view the Kindle edition on Amazon. Here they are:

Wednesday: Shop by Color

I can TOTALLY be bribed.  I can even bribe myself.  I told myself all day yesterday (and on Twitter and on Facebook) that I could have cupcakes IF I ran the 6 miles this morning.  DONE!  And it was a good 6 miles.  I KILLED the hill that is Central.  Which is more than 1/2 mile long.  I finished with my fastest mile.  And really did feel satisfied with the effort and the results.  WHAT the hell is going on this week?  2 good runs so far.

Run:  6miles / 67:50

Breakfast was… guessed it.  A cupcake.  They are just plain, Dunkin Hines Devils Food cupcakes.  No frosting.  PERFECT.

There was an apple and some carrots.

Lunch was yet ANOTHER round of Chicken Tortilla soup.  I think that might be about it for the soup.  I am on the only one in this house eating the leftovers.  And 4 times in one week might be enough.

And then another cupcake.  Hey, at 130 calories apiece and a 6 mile run today, I am good to go on the cupcakes.  And I had a peach (see below).

Dinner was a boneless pork chop with salad and corn.  I dipped the pork chop in the salsa you will read about below.

I ran to Sam’s Club this morning to buy grown-up sized notebooks (see yesterday).  I was also looking for eggs, fruit, chicken sausages (for my sister) and half and half.  What I ended up finding was notebooks, eggs, salsa, PB M&M, pb chips, dish soap and egg beaters. I did manage to resist the OMG-they-are-so-pretty package of ultra fine Sharpies.

So off to Costco I went for fruit, chicken wings, and half and half.  What I got was nectarines, peaches, carrots, corn, half and half and beer.  Proof of the orange food obsession.  I already have sweet potato fries or I would have bought those as well!

Just a quick book recommendation for anyone that needs a good one: The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach.  It was excellent.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  And I don’t at all think it matters if you like baseball or not.  The writing is amazing.

Regarding: Multimedia Updates

IMDb - The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (2011)I can’t even put this in a movie review.  But last night we watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 and I can’t tell you enough how INCREDIBLY, HORRIBLY bad this movie is.  They all are actually.  But Michael and I have had a deal.  We will watch them but we won’t pay any money for them.  So we wait until he brings it home from the library.  The one saving grace on this one is that it is short.  It was over before Survivor came on.

So then we watched Survivor.  Anyone else think Kim is now is control?

And then I started reading Divergent.  VERY good so far.  I didn’t want to put it down.  I just finished Run to Overcome, Meb Keflezighi’s book.  No great, life-altering revelations for me as a runner from reading his book.  But it was cool to read about his training and the start of the running group in Mammoth Lakes.

Any other book recommendations out there?  I am falling behind this year.