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Wednesday: VICTORY!


The HOA reversed the fine today.  They said they were “sorry” and “had the wrong house.”  I am not buying it.  But the fine is gone.  And so I declare myself the winner.  Of this round.

Wednesday brought my first run in my new Brooks.  And ALL of my problems are SOLVED.  And then rainbows shot out of my nose and a unicorn flew out of my ass.  Ok, not really.  But a girl can dream.  The shoes felt fine.  The run was good.

Run: 4 Miles / 43:45

The rest of Wednesday was VERY productive.  I am working on several small projects.  I can’t share them quite yet as they are for Michael for Christmas.  But let’s just say that he will not be able to call me unsentimental.  At least for a day.  I will share them when I can.

I am taking a break from Jack and the drama of 24 and instead, started Alias.  HOW did I forget that Bradley Cooper was in Alias? Shame on me.

Food:  Breakfast was coffee and cream of wheat.  Lunch was a salad with ranch dressing.  And some trail mix.  Dinner was a pork chop with half a (large) sweet potato and some broccoli.  And more trail mix.

Monday: Burdon of Proof

Image 12-10-12 at 3.57 PMIt wasn’t exactly the early morning run I had planned, but I decided to combine my run with some other errands.  So by the time I got out to the trail, it was almost 10am.  Which was fine by me because it was cold Monday morning.  SO cold that Michael even turned on the heat.  And then I turned it back off.

Run: 5 miles (trail) / 1:08 something.

And Monday, my HOA fight continued.  I was told today that IF I could provide PROOF of when my pictures were taken, they would waive the fine.  WHAT THE FUCK (sorry)!!!  They fine me for a violation they say happened in Nov, but use August pictures in their notification, and I have to provide proof?  Where the hell is your PROOF?

So I attached some screen shots that include the date/time stamp of my pictures and sent it back.  And then sent a second email demanding (mostly in a nice way) their proof of the Nov violation.  Unbelievably.  I truly do believe at this point that they have NO proof of a second violation and are just trying to boost revenues before the end of the year.

And Jack.  Oh Jack.  You save the world by developing a heroin habit, killing your boss and chopping off your partner’s hand.  Do you make it to rehab?  And thank God there will be no more President Palmer.

Tuesday: I Want YOU

Because soaring with the eagles requires so much more effort.Tuesday started with a TORTUROUS 6 miles in the dark. The best part of it was remembering that I had a pink Glo Stick to take with me!  The 6 miles were slow, awkward, painful and hard.  But I still got them done.

And then I was gently pushed (guilted?) into going to CrossFit.  Really, I decided to go because it was all lifting and had nothing to do with burpee’s, squats or lunges.  It was Press, Push Press, Jerks and Power Cleans.  And DU’s, which I can’t do.  Well, my lifting form seems to be A-Ok because I was told I could graduate from the beginner class to the regular class (all about form, not about how much weight I can lift).  They are kicking me out of CrossFit 101!  But they can’t make me go.  Hell no, I won’t go.  Hell no….  I like the beginner class. See, I really do aim to underachieve.

Run: 6 miles / 1:13

The rest of Tuesday was spent in a process modeling software training class (try to control your jealousy.  It was NOT awesome) and watching more Jack Bauer and Season 3 of 24.  Come on Chloe, whose baby is that really?

Since I ran 6 miles Tuesday AND went to CrossFit, I was pretty much able to eat anything I wanted on Tuesday.  It went like this: breakfast was coffee and half a Costco Apple muffin.  Lunch was a chicken sausage and an apple.  Dinner was Bertolli Garlic Shrimp Risotto with some extra shrimp added in.  And a small glass of wine. That left me with at least 600 more calories to eat and I am not sure if I got there.  Our new FroYo place opened and I had some Salted Caramel FroYo with Heath Bar added. But I didn’t finish it all and gave it to Michael.

IMG_0309I am waging a war on our HOA.  We are renting, so I am not sure why I have to deal with the HOA.  But they fined us for having “debris” in our yard (we do NOT) and then the pictorial proof they provided was a picture from August.  WTF?  If you want to serve in my anti-HOA army, send me a message or leave a comment.   All are welcome.