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Daily Mood Alert: Friday, Sept 30

I haven’t posted a mood alert in a couple of days and here is why.  Two days ago, I filled out my mood alert with things like “watch the Red Sox Win” and TB better lose.  And No Yankee’s talk.  And then I went to bed, thinking that everything would be fine and the worst that would happen was the Rays and the Sox would play Thurs.

Then I woke up on Thurs.  And didn’t think it would be right to cast such a dark shadow over everyone else.  But I am over it now.  Here is today’s alert.

Regarding: The Dalton

It is Ice Road Squirrels out there.

I have mentioned before that we have a black walnut tree in the yard that the squirrels are quite fond of.  They send walnut shells down like green rain and even take a shot at the dogs with a walnut once in a while.

Well, the Walnut Road (Ice Road) is open.  The squirrels use the fence at the back of our yard to transport their nuts (OUR nuts, thieves) back and forth to wherever.  When the dogs threaten their route, they drop down behind the fence and run on the ground instead.  It INFURIATES the dogs.

Once in a while, a stupid squirrel (who are we kidding, they are all stupid) will venture into the open yard, up in the middle.  We wiggle the doorknob, bang on the window to give the squirrels some warning and then we UNLEASH THE HOUNDS.  I find it more than slightly amusing to watch the squirrels run for their lives.  They always take the longest route possible to the fence, reinforcing the whole all squirrels are stupid theory.  And then they run across the top.  One of these days, one of them is going to fall off.  Drop down, dumbass.

Food Friday: Mini Chocolate Souffles

I have always wanted to try making a souffle but was intimidated.  I thought I needed special equipment, special skills, or just to be special to have a souffle turn out.  Turns out, I was wrong.

I saw this picture on Pinterest, which of course sent me to the recipe here.  And I thought, wait a minute.  I have those little ramekins that I picked up on clearance at Home Goods.  And then a little wind out of my sails when I realized mine were smaller.  But the recipe did say you could make the souffle’s bigger and just adjust the baking time.  And again, I thought, I have bigger ones! I will just make two instead of four!

So I set out to melting the chocolate, realizing I put it WAY to much expresso powder (since I didn’t actually make the expresso) but I managed to rectify that somehow.  And then to separating the eggs (the first yolk broke but things went smoothly from there).

And then I wondered, did I let the chocolate cool enough?  Are my egg whites stiff enough?  How much folding is too much?  But eventually, everything got into the dishes, already prepped with butter and sugar and into the oven then went.

I love to watch things as they bake.  But I sat down for a while and was AMAZED when I went back. They actually were rising and looked like I souffle!

I can’t emphasize enough how DELICIOUS these were right out of the oven.  A little cream or ice cream and it would have been a bowl (ramekin?) of heaven.  This recipe goes to the top of the pile and will be used over and over.  It is easy to keep everything you need on hand for whenever the mood strikes (tomorrow?).   And not nearly as complicated as I thought.

Regarding: Sidewalks

Do you see what that is across the street from my house?  In case it is not familiar to you, it is a sidewalk.

When we walk our dogs, ON THE SIDEWALK, we are careful not to let our dogs wander into someone else’s yard.  It is not their place.  And yet for some reason, there are children in our neighborhood who are taught that it is ok to walk from one end of the street to the other, THROUGH the yards.  Instead of the sidewalk.

I say it that way on purpose.  Because it is the JOB of a parent, by definition, to teach their children what is acceptable conduct in regards to other people’s property.  I don’t have kids, but I am fairly sure that teaching children appropriate behavior is part of the job.  And if  a child is consistently walking through other people’s yards, then quite clearly they have not been taught that this not the correct way to travel through the neighborhood.

So please, if you child is big enough to walk down the street unaccompanied, then I am sure they are big enough to cross the street and use the sidewalk to get where they are going.

I am not really trying to be THAT person in the neighborhood.  But I work from home full-time and see what goes on.  I could start walking my dogs in the middle of the day, through the yards.  But what good would that do if no one else is here to see it.

Regarding: Shock

I sit in here in shock.  I knew I didn’t have the stamina to go the distance last night.  It was pouring rain in Baltimore and the Yanks were up big.  The worst I expected was to be watching baseball at 4pm today.  The one game playoff between the Sox and the Rays.

I did NOT expect that the Yankees would throw it at our expense.  I did NOT expect that the Rays would come back to win in extra innings.  I am not all that shocked that the Sox blew it themselves and lost after the rain cleared out.

It is a sad day in sports.  When a team would rather throw a game than face a rival.  They should be ashamed but I bet they celebrated instead.