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Our Boston trip in pictures….

Travel Tuesday: Boston

This weekend we are heading to Boston for a wedding.  You don’t have to ask Michael twice to go to Boston. Jet Blue out of Raleigh is cheap.  And they serve Dunkin Donuts coffee and my favorite animal crackers.  And who can resist the satellite tv in every seat

What will we do?  Other than the wedding on Saturday, I will watch Michael eat as much seafood in 3 days as possible.  It becomes like a game. But if he makes me walk the Freedom Trail again, I will quit.

Speaking of games, we will try for the 1pm Red Sox game on Sunday.  Monday is still up the air.

Daily Mood Alert and Food/Fitness: Thurs, April 5 - I hope you enjoy the one day your team doesn't have a losing recordWell, this isn’t even true since the Red Sox managed to lose their first game to Detroit.  They tied it in the top of the 9th just to give it away in the bottom of the the 9th.  Good thing there are 161 more games

Mood:  Not too bad.  Actually had work to do today and enjoyed doing it.  The dogs were at daycare so it was QUIET.

Food:  Protein bar and coffee for breakfast.  Pork chops with sweet potato fries, onion rings (both baked) and ranch dressing for lunch.  The some TJ’s Trek mix as a snack.  A trail mix bar and then something small for dinner later.

Fitness:  Going to head to the gym with Michael in a bit and run my 4 on the treadmill.  It is raining right now (excuse for treadmill) and I would like to take an “easy” day tomorrow, meaning just a walk at some point.

Regarding: Love Your Enemies

I am not at all religious and most know I have barely turned the page of a Bible, but I do know how to Google.  And it was Matthew that said “love your enemy” and that is exactly what I did yesterday.

We are a house divided.  And that becomes even more glaringly apparently.  In Nov, during elections.  And in Sept/Oct, during playoff baseball.  How is he even a Yankee’s fan anyway?  He grew up in Virginia.

At 8:30, Michael commented at how fast the game was going, being in the 6th inning.  SSSHHHHH.  Extra innings started around 9:45.  And at about 11:30 I had made it (and dragged Michael along with me) to the top of the 14th.  McDonald singled.  I seem to recall that Ortiz got him over to 2nd.  Scutaro walked.  And then Ellsbury.  Ellsbury had already hit two homers in the first game of the doubleheader (a loss) and this game was EVEN more important since the Rays had won as well.  And Ellsbury came through for us again. with a 3-run Homerun with 2 outs.

Michael was gracious.  And mostly asleep.  And I turned it off with the faith that Ellsbury’s 3-run shot in the top of the 14th was enough to secure the win.  Thank god I was right.

Those people with Carolina Duke House Divided stickers can kiss my ass.  They have NO idea what it feels like to live in a house divided for 162 games a year.