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Tuesday: Let me out!

Since the 4 miles on Monday yielded no ill-effects, I set out on Tues for 5miles.  I headed out before sunrise to make sure I got the 5 in before my 7am meeting.  I work best under tight timelines.  So I was really pushing the pace (for me) to get back to the house in time for the conference call.  I got back at 6:50am and immediately found out the meeting was pushed to 8am.  Oh well.  Thanks for the motivation to push the pace.

The other funny from this particular morning was that I was locked in my neighborhood.  We live in a gated community and the gates were still closed when I got to the front and even the side gate was locked!  I was trapped!!! But just a few minutes later the gates opened and I was released.  I did consider rolling myself under the gate, but it turned out to not be necessary.  Does my shape even roll?

Run: 5miles / 55:20

I did better with food today.  Breakfast was coffee and a chocolate chip muffin (ok, not better).  Lunch was leftover jambalaya.  There was an apple, half of a mango smoothie and some snack mix.  Then dinner was a pork chop with some Heinz 57, a sweet potato and a steamed veggie mix.  And white wine.

I am a closet internet shopper.  Ok, so not so closeted.  But I had an Old Navy coupon and found tons on their website for like $7 (each).  Add that to my Pinterest Fashion board (noodles2245 if you want to follow) and I needed some new pieces for the cooler weather.  It was ALL shirts to go with my sweaters and pants.  I already have the shoes.  So now I should be good to go.

Still waiting on the Sephora order.  Um, $6 UD shadows.  YES Please!

Weekend Recap


Friday started out pretty slow.  And since I still had (have) Sticky-Fingers Bars in the fridge, I didn’t want to bake anything too sweet.  So I opted for a classic Sour Cream Coffee Cake.  You can find it here.

This is Annabelle.  After she pitched a fit last night because she wasn’t in the yard when it was being mowed, she decided to find herself a treat. She came out of the other room with her entire face covered in cat litter.  She is “the poo eater.”

Saturday I decided not to force a long run and just hit the gym.  You can read it here.


And at the same time that Annabelle was satisfying her sweet tooth, this was happening.  Lucie has a thing for baskets.  Not sure what this one us doing.

Sunday, you will see that it may not have been long, but there was a run on Saturday after all!  And that I was excited to hit up the sale at Ulta.  I did NOT go to Old Navy. You can read it here.

Today will be quiet.  Some work to get done and maybe a Spanish lesson. More cleaning.  The week ahead looks warm and I am even going to try and give the dogs a bath this week.  Thought ought to make for some comedy on the blog.

Sloth Sunday and Randomness :: 21 Days of Beauty - Events and Beauty StealsRemember my Long Run Saturday post?  I said I wasn’t feeling the running thing.  Well, I got to the gym and decidedto give it a go.  And ended up running an easy 6 miles.  Plus another mile with the dogs (walked) when I got home.  Isn’t it funny how some days are like that?  It felt great and I was happy with the run.

Today is Sloth Sunday except for one thing…….SALE at ULTA!!!  I have the Natural Eye Palette from Too Faced and LOVE it.  So of course I am going back for the Naked palette.  And then there are t-shirts on sale at Old Navy.  In the same shopping plaza as Ulta.  I am glad I got the big Costco run done yesterday.  Because then I can just relax for the rest of the afternoon/evening.

Does anyone else have those odd hairspray spots on their bathroom walls?  The ones even a Magic Eraser doesn’t get out. Well, it turns out fabric softener is the solution!  What I read online suggested using liquid fabric softener mixed with water.  But I only had dryer sheets.  So I just ran one of those under the faucet and used it on the wall gently, just like the Magic Eraser.  A DEFINITE improvement with no painting.

Regarding: The Squad and Fitness

Meet the squad. Left to right:  Staal, Ruutu, Sutter, Gleason and Pitkanen.  We LOVE us some Fins.  And Canadians.

Today, we hit the gym and I did 5 miles on the elliptical and some quick ab work.  Then we ended up at Old Navy (can you say and additional 50% off CLEARANCE…I scored 2 pairs of gloves for $0.23) and then to see the new Underworld movie.  Let me spare you.  Save your money.  Wait for the DVD.

Time for some fruit.